The Dos and Donts of Nail Polish Base Coats

The Dos and Donts of Nail Polish Base Coats
December 27, 2022 MBI Beauty Crew

The Dos and Don’ts of Nail Polish Base Coats

You don’t have to be a salon prodigy to achieve stunning, manicured nails at home. However, it requires some pre-planning, an understanding of the fundamentals and knowledge of nail polish base coat.

Do you need both nail polish base coat and topcoat? How many layers should go in between?

Our experts are here to help break down all your nail polish application questions so that you can rock beautiful style on every occasion!

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Start off Right

Clean, prepped nails give you the best chance of a lasting manicure. Put in that extra effort to remove your old polish and cleanse with a quality nail cleanser. This will create an even base for maximum adherence! Once done, apply a thin layer of nail polish base coat before painting on your colour. Not only does this step add shine, it helps to prevent staining so you can keep those long-lasting mani vibes going strong!

Can You Use a Top Coat as a Nail Polish Base Coat?

When it comes to your manicure, the wrong combination of products can be disastrous. While both top and base coats serve a purpose in keeping your nails looking fabulous, making sure you use each for its intended application is essential.

Although we often get asked if one could substitute for the other, unfortunately that’s not advised as their chemical makeup differs depending on which job they need to do. Long story short: don’t try mixing up when it’s time for nice new nails!

The Do’s for Nail Polish Base Coat

What are those things you need to do when getting into your next nail extravaganza? Let’s take a look!

Prime Well

Primer or nail polish base coat, main colour, and topcoat are the three essential types of lacquers for achieving a polished finish. Each serves an important purpose in prepping your nails. When applying, allow each layer dry completely before applying the next too. This will help ensure that you get crisp edges and maximum staying power out of every application.

The nail polish base coat is an integral part of any manicure or pedicure. It protects your nails from unwanted staining and chipping by creating a barrier between natural nails and the polish. Yet this protective layer must be applied with mindfulness. Neglected steps lead to polish lifting or peeling, ruining all that hard work! This makes perfect application essential for extending the life of your mani-pedi and keeping those digits looking gorgeous!

And if you really want to take your manicure game up a notch? Investing in a quality base coat can strengthen fragile tips over time while providing extra protection against damage. Upgrade your manicure arsenal and give yourself the best for your nails with Bend Don’t Break.

This nourishing primer and base coat is a formaldehyde-free alternative that helps keep even dry, brittle, damaged claws looking lovely. The enriched formula strengthens while allowing flexibility. You’ll be amazed at how resilient they can become when bouncing back from life’s everyday challenges!

It’s important to remember that the base coat helps the colour adhere to your nails, while the top coat provides flexibility and overall protection for the polish beneath it.

Aim for Full Coverage

From intricate designs to bold colours, a good manicure can make your nails look their best. If you want that perfect finish and longevity, take the time to be meticulous when painting them. Make sure each brush stroke covers all the surface area for complete coverage. Any gaps are an invite for chipping! With proper technique and attention to detail though, you’ll have beautiful nails that will last longer than ever before!

Cap the Free Edge

For a perfect manicure, capping the edges of your nails is an absolute must! This part may seem simple, but it’s essential for ensuring all that hard work doesn’t chip off right away. When applying nail polish base coat and other layers of polish, be sure to extend the product over the free edge. This will create a continuous surface which resists peeling.

With this one extra step you can have lasting lacquer results in no time at all!

The Don’ts of Nail Polish Base Coat

Now that we’ve gone over what you should do when using a base coat, what are some of the things you should avoid?

Don’t Rush It

Achieving a beautiful mani requires patience! The nail polish base coat is often overlooked, but it’s integral for creating the perfect look. Haste won’t produce those flawless results. You must take your time and complete each layer carefully to avoid making any costly mistakes that could spoil the whole effect of your perfectly polished nails.

Don’t Mix Up Nail Polish Base Coat and Top Coat

If you’re a nail care aficionado, chances are at some point in your beauty journey the question has crossed your mind: can I use top coat as base? The answer is an emphatic no! Each of these products offers unique benefits and must be used precisely according to their function. Using them interchangeably will not create the desired results. Although they may look similar, let’s remember that correct application equals fabulous outcomes!

Don’t Apply Thick Coats of Nail Polish

Achieving a flawless manicure requires patience and precision. To ensure your nail work looks perfect, be sure to use light brushstrokes when applying the polish instead of globbing it on. Multiple thin coats of polish will always produce a smoother and deeper finish than a single thick one.

This technique also greatly reduces the amount of time needed for drying and your manicure will last longer.


Quality nail polish base coats from Jessica Cosmetics can protect your nails and give you a showstopping manicure! The right base coat applied correctly, is the key to shielding your tips against everyday wear-and-tear. Whether it’s typing emails or cracking open a cold beverage.

Taking the extra time ensures long lasting results that’ll leave both fashionistas and busy bees singing with gratitude!

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