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Fluid, Powder & Cream Foundations

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    Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation SPF 15

    DESCRIPTION: Rejuvenating and smoothing fluid foundation with functional properties, ideal for uniform appearance and eliminating any imperfections and discrepancies. Combines cosmetic action with healing and regenerating skin. With SPF15 protection. SIZE: 25 ml
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  • Absolute Perfection Foundation
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    Absolute Perfection Foundation

    30 ml - Fluid foundation, natural and light texture. Sublime complexion, hides imperfections and extremely comfortable.
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    Compact Foundation Vitamin E

    DESCRIPTION: Compact foundation with high performance and easy to apply. The long-lasting adhesive formula guarantees perfect day-to-day comfort. Uniform finish making it bright, reduces redness and discoloration without weighing down the facial features. Size: 10 ml
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    Double Action Lifting Foundation

    DESCRIPTION: Fluid foundation enriched by a valuable gel for functional plant and functional stem cells, combines cosmetic action with a healing action. A dual dispenser designed to separate the gel from the foundation and keep the active ingredients intact. SIZE: 15 + 15 ml
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  • dual matte wear compact foundation #500
    dual matte wear foundation colour wheel
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    Dual Matte Wear Compact Foundation SPF15

    8 g - Compact wet & dry powder foundation. The coverage of a foundation and the texture of a face powder. Available in seven shades
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    Liquid Powder Matte Effect

    DESCRIPTION: Innovative product 2 in 1 that combines the performance of a foundation with the dampening effect of a powder. The formula gives a feathery smooth effect. It does not require the application of powder after application. SIZE: 30 ml
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  • Sale
    sensory mousse matte foundation m0
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    Sensory Mousse Matte Foundation

    18 ml - It gives a long lasting matte effect. Perfect for skin with imperfections, wide pores and severe discolorations.
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