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Nee Makeup MILAN

Creating TRENDS through INNOVATION and experience

NEE Makeup Milano is a brand with a big history. Founded on attention to detail and accurate product colour matching whilst using delicate formulas. An innovative approach to product development are now key characteristics of the brand. Emerging from Milan in the early 90’s, NEE is a professional make-up line crafted and developed by professionals for professionals. Used by the best and most famous make-up artists on the continent, the quality of the products is hard to ignore making NEE a popular brand worldwide.


Creating excellent quality make-up products subjected to meticulous dermatological tolerance tests


Wear for night and day glamour, all Nee products are non irritating especially for sensitive skins

On Trend

Leading fashion and trends with innovative products imagined and created in Milano








You are a modern, stylish woman but your make-up looks and feels heavy. Even worse, sometimes you have a break out and your current make-up brand is struggling to keep up with the worlds latest trends. We can fix your make-up dramas with a feather light second skin that won’t clog your pores or leave you with an allergic reaction. You will look and feel amazing as your friends comment on your new elegance and the high fashion colour trends you now set. Best of all NEE make-up has the latest colours and styles straight out of Milan the fashion capital, wearing Nee puts every woman on the catwalk and in the spotlight.

We know you will love this….

No minimum orders.

Customised opening deals.

Easy to learn simple to apply.

Fashionable & trendy.

Elegant and sleek.



Made in Italy
Styled in Milan
Dermatologically tested
Paraben Free
Fragrance and oil free

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! ..Can I give it 10 stars please?”

Mandy Marsh – NSW


Start with curative action foundation that prepares, covers and corrects skin.  Incredibly light texture provide a natural look, hide imperfections perfectly whilst being extremely comfortable and moisturising.


An amazing selection of colourful and playful creamy lipsticks with extreme colour, opacity and long lasting effects.  From today you can have all this with just one simple gesture, impeccable lips that stay perfect for hours.


Our eyeshadows are bright with intense shades, together with delicate and enveloping textured mascaras.  Eye pencils so smooth and velvety which create precise, flowing and long lasting definition.

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