Nail Analysis

NAIL ANALYSIS – How Good Is Your Nail Condition?

Just like there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different nail types.  Each requires an individual treatment matched to the exact condition. JESSICA manicures stand out from the rest as the therapist starts with a NAIL ANALYSIS.  This is done before the manicure starts as it provides valuable information allowing the therapist to customise a manicure service – like no other brand can!

Through the use of the correct treatment base coats, your therapist will always be able to prescribe, treat and maintain your nails in tip top shape.  What’s more, you can even try it out at home by using our unique NAIL ANALYSIS chart.

Normal Nails

What to Look For

Normal nails are pink in colour and will have a smooth surface. They are strong yet flexible.

Maintain with Reward

Reward Base Coat

Keeps nails nourished  and healthy, strong and flexible.  Promotes growth, reduces signs of aging, conditions, protects against future breakage and moisturises nails.

Key Ingredients: Vitamins A, C, E, Aloe Vera & Calcium

Brittle Nails

brittle nail

What to Look For

Bittle nails are hard and inflexible. They are prone to curving at the ends and the free edge shatters easily, high on the nail.

Solve with Recovery

Recovery Base Coat

Provides much needed moisture to the nail adding strength and flexibility which allows your nails to bend without breaking. Healthy nails bends and unhealthy nails break.

Key Ingredients: KSW (keratin, soy, wheat protein), Calcium & H2O

Dry Nails

What to Look For

Dry nails lacks moisture and have pronounced ridges. They will also appear dull and powdery looking.

Solve with Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation Base Coat

Increases moisture levels in the nail and alleviates dryness.  Also heals the nail plate thereby conditioning and strengthening the nail while giving natural flexibility.  Replenishes protein levels needed to reinforce the bond between the layers of the nail.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, Jojoba, Aloe Vera & KSW (keratin, soy, wheat protein)

Post Acrylic, Damaged Nails

What to Look For

Post acrylic or damaged nails will be thin and dull. These nails often refuse to grow, are sensitive and will peel.

Solve with Restoration

Restoration Base Coat

Rebuilds nails from foundation to surface in record time. This regenerative base-coat formula will heal, soothe and strengthen your nails whilst aiding the recovery process.

Key Ingredients: Echinacea & Complex Strengtheners

Weak Nails

What to Look For

Weak nails are soft and wont grow. They will also peel and appear dull.

Solve with Critical Care

Critical Care Base Coat

A fast nail strengthening and growth boosting nail formula.  Promotes keratinisation and bonds nail layers together. Adds flexibility without breaks, resists chipping, peeling and splitting.

Key Ingredients: Protein KSW fortified with calcium and intense strengthening properties.

Peeling Nails

What to Look For

Peeling nails will flake along the free edge. They have the appearance of loose layers on the nail.

Solve with Fusion

Fusion Base Coat

Binds the layers of the nail together, strengthening the nail and promoting nail growth.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin A & Rubberised Resins

Nails That Break Easily

What to Look For

Nails that break easily are fragile and thin. You will notice how easily they break and they are prone to splitting.

Solve with Active Nail Protection

Flawless & Life Jacket

Strengthens and cushions nails for maximum protection and prevents breakages. The 2 products work together to protect and bind whilst filling imperfections.

Key Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide & Nylon Fibres

Nails With Ridges

What to Look For

Nails with ridges have a rippled surface and are uneven. You may also notice dents on the nail plate.

Solve with Flawless

Flawless Ridge Filler

This is a perfect ridge-filler to apply over any of Jessica’s base-coats for a smooth surface of the nail.

Key Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide & Magnesium Silicate

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