Professional Client Info

Important Info for Salon Professionals

To assist you in dealing with JESSICA Cosmetics Australia, we have put together some important client info for salon professionals that we hope you will find interesting and helpful in your journey with us.

Please take the time to read through some good information that will make your dealings with JESSICA that much more rewarding.

Your Account Manager

Your assigned account manager and is generally the first point of contact when you want some information or are ready to place an order.  In the first instance, please contact your account manager by phone or send us an email at

Payment Terms

As a new client, it is our company policy to collect payment prior to shipment.  Once we have established our relationship, you will be able to apply for a credit account whereby orders can be shipped prior to payment.  When this occurs, payment is required by the date shown on the invoice.

Payment Options

You are able to make payments to us via 2 methods.

Option 1:            Bank transfer to Masters Beauty International

BSB 650 000
Acc # 500 773 704

Option 2:            Via VISA or MasterCard by phoning 1300 470 648

Ordering Product

Orders can be made directly to your account manager, by phoning or by logging into your professional account via the website shop.  Professional clients will see the applicable salon pricing.

Go here to apply for a professional account

Returns & Exchanges

Products will only be accepted for exchange (unless faulty or damaged) if they are in “As New” condition, are current inventory and are deemed fit for re-sale.  Any decision to accept a return and the value assigned for a returned product is at the sole discretion of JESSICA Cosmetics Australia.

Products returned for any reason whether faulty, damaged or serviceable, will only be accepted if the return is initiated within seven (7) days of receipt of product.  Where the damage or fault could not be reasonably identified at receipt of product, JESSICA Cosmetics Australia will accept returns beyond the seven (7) day deadline at our discretion.

Please ensure that you notify us immediately if you decide to exchange a product.  The sooner you let us know the easier it is to accommodate your requests.

Marketing & Promotion

JESSICA Cosmetics has a wide array of marketing material and artwork available that will assist you in marketing your salon services and our products.  It is best to contact your Account Manager and discuss this with her so she can best assess your needs.  Electronic artwork is available through a file hosting service known as “Drop Box”, although we will need to arrange access to the folders.

We also support our client Salons through social media exposure.  In particular, if you hold an event that promotes JESSICA we will be more than happy to post your content on our Facebook site.

We also provide the opportunity to showcase your salon on our website’s blog page.  If you wish to take advantage of this unique feature, simply provide us with 2 or 3 photos of your salon and/or staff along with 250 words that describe what you do best!

Technical Issues

In some cases you will find yourself needing additional technical information for products, whether it is simply wanting to know more or there is an actual problem.  If you have technical enquiries, please direct these to your account manager or by calling us.

Complaint Resolution

Although we strive hard to satisfy your expectations and needs, we do recognise that at times issues can arise.  If this does occur, we strongly urge you to contact head office.  We are committed to hearing your concerns and ensuring that any problems that might arise are quickly addressed, hopefully to your satisfaction.

Finally, we look forward to supporting you and your business in the months and years to come.  We are a focused, sincere and dedicated company that not only provides expert advice and outstanding products, but will genuinely work with you to build strong lasting relationships and help to unlock the growth potential of your business.

Best Regards from Rose & Geoff

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