Phenom Polish

Model wearing Phenom colour #021 Jessica Red

The UV FREE polish system

Phenom is a phenomenal evolution in polish technology. It’s fast, it lasts and it shines.
Exclusively formulated for salon professionals, the 3-Step Phenom Polish System delivers
fast drying in natural light and a gel-like shine that lasts. No LED/UV lamps are needed.
The result is a fresh-from-the-salon manicure that lasts up to 10 days!
Phenom becomes harder and shinier with exposure to natural light.
Phenom also removes easily like a polish.
Plus, JESSICA’s CUSTOM BASECOATS are exclusively formulated to work flawlessly with Phenom.

Its Fast

A phenomenal evolution in polish technology, easy to apply and dries rock-hard in 7 minutes.

It Lasts

Hi-tech polymers give a flexible, chip resistant finish ideal for active lifestyles. Hardens with exposure to natural light.

It Shines

Mirror mirror on the wall – who is the shiniest of them all? Phenom infinite gel-like shine!

You will LOVE Phenom

• Is your current polish slow to dry?
• Is your current polish dull and lacking in lustre?
• Do your clients complain about the time to do a manicure?
• Are your clients are nervous about Gel polish?
• Does your current polish retail well?
• Is your polish staining and drying the natural nail?
• Is your current polish sold everywhere at the lowest prices?

Phenom is in high DEMAND

  • Dries in natural light.
  • Rock hard in 7 minutes.
  • No UV LED/Lamp needed.
  • Flexible polymer technology.
  • Chip resistant.
  • Removes easily like normal polish.
  • Use with JESSICA base coats to treat nail conditions.

    $0.70 per manicure/pedicure
    15 min file and application
    15ml bottles
    7 Free
    Cruelty Free
    Vegan friendly

    Get STARTED now with Phenom


    We strongly recommend the use of a JESSICA base coat to prepare the nail and anchor the polish.
    Also helps to prevent nails from drying and staining.


    You choose your own customised palette from our range.
    To become a stockist we require an opening of no less than 24 colours in a Phenom display stand.


    Finale Shine is a topcoat with a photo initiator that reacts together with Vivid Colour to produce a tougher, chip-resistant polish with superior gel-like shine.

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