BioPure Eco Friendly Polish

Go GREEN with Jessica BioPure Polish

Jessica BioPure Polish – Get a long-lasting, natural manicure in just seconds with our revolutionary NEW BioPure Eco-Friendly Polish! Our 21 toxin-free formulas are safe for both you and the planet.

Jessica BioPure Polish – Good For Your Nails – Good For The Planet!

Enjoy full coverage from your choice of ingredients like sugarcane, cassava root, cottonseed oil and corn – all sourced sustainably to bring out the best in nails naturally. Get the stunning, lasting look of a salon-quality manicure while doing your part for our planet with Jessica BioPure Polish 100% plant based collection.

The vegan shades offer bright and beautiful colour without sacrificing durability, while the chip resistant finish ensures that your nails will stay vibrant and glossy day after day!


Our polishes are part of a revolution! 77% naturally sourced from 83% or more bio-materials such as casava, corn sugarcane and other plant derived alternatives. Taking the guesswork out of greening your routine!


Our polish is formulated with care, leaving out 21 of the most dangerous toxins found in other polishes. This ensures our products not only support healthy nails and long-lasting shine, but also a safe experience for all!


Our formula and production process never involves any animal products, such as fish scales, crushed bugs or oils derived from animals. Rest assured that we are committed to a plant-based approach in all aspects of our product creation!


BioPure provides a more environmentally conscious solution with its low-impact design. This polish system is an ideal choice for those seeking safe, sustainable alternatives.

3 Essential Finishing Touches for a Flawless Finish!

biopure system

Start with Jessica BioPure Polish in your salon – the easy way!

This 12 piece colour display is sure to be an eye-catching addition on the counter, while presenting BioPure’s carefully crafted nail colours without compromising on aesthetics. The quality display is made from sustainably sourced material, showcasing bright and vibrant colours to customer.

A professional and attractive display that lends itself to any modern setting.

Support sustainable practices with this eco-friendly product, giving customers two reasons to love your products even more. Alongside its practical designs, it adds style and sophistication – a perfect match for anyone looking for unique salon solutions.

Reap the rewards by outfitting your salon with this premium BioPure Colour Display today!

biopure colour display



biopure display by 2

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Get a long-lasting, natural manicure in just seconds
with our revolutionary nail polish!

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