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    Bold Colour Waterproof Eyeliner

    DESCRIPTION: Modular, precise. The technological and soft applicator allows the correct amount of pigment to be used with a quick and easy application. Create different looks day & night. SIZE: 1,7 ml
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    Coloured Brow Mascara

    DESCRIPTION: Eyebrow mascara, colours, combs and fixes, for perfectly defined and full eyebrows. SIZE: 2g
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    Exceptional Mascara Waterproof Black

    DESCRIPTION: Delicate and enveloping texture. Curls and boosts volume to your eyelashes for bigger eyes. Also ideal for the most sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. SIZE: 14 ml
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    Eyebrow Kit

    DESCRIPTION: Elegant eyebrow kit, includes everything you need to emphasize, shape and define your eyebrows to perfection. In addition to wax color, it contains the essential accessories for a perfect eyebrow look: A spiral brush, angled brush and mirror. SIZE: 1,5 ml  
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    Eyebrow Marker & Shimmer

    DESCRIPTION: Enlightening eye-shadow pencil, available in shimmer & matte versions. It highlights the eyebrow arch, giving it a silky, full effect, perfect for the night, or a matte effect, perfect for day makeup. SIZE: 2g
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    Eyebrow Pencil

    DESCRIPTION Eyebrow pencil ideal to define the eyebrow arch. Natural result that redefines the contours of the eyebrows. Included comb allows you to comb the eyebrows and redefine the shape. The three shades adapt to all eyebrows. SIZE: 1,8 g
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    Eyeshadow Shimmer Strips

    DESCRIPTION: Couture palette composed of five elegant multicolored stripes in pink, bare and beige tones. Silky texture, easy to blend and modular effect. SIZE: 10 g
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    Eyeshadow Trio

    DESCRIPTION: Long lasting, silky and light eyeshadow trio. Easy to apply and blend, perfect to create different looks, from natural to dramatic as desired. SIZE: 3 X 0.9 g
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    Full Black Divine Mascara

    DESCRIPTION: Never-ending eyelashes, high definition effect. Exclusive formula studied to extend and curve the eyelashes intensifying the look, for deep and magnetic results. SIZE: 8 ml
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    Gel Professional Eyelashes & Eyebrows

    DESCRIPTION: Transparent hydrating and strengthening mascara gel. SIZE: 8 ml
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    Kajal Pencil

    DESCRIPTION: Kajal pencil with soft, velvety touch, precise for a long-term definition. Simple application with the special glue applicator that allows to apply the pencil and blend it, without the help of a brush. Matte texture, perfect opacity. SIZE: 1,8 g
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    Kohl Eye Pencil

    DESCRIPTION: The Kohl waterproof pencil seals your makeup for 24 hours and is also dermatologically tested to prevent allergic reactions. All Nee products are cruelty free. Perfect for smokey eyes, this pencil is also very easy to blend, even for beginners. SIZE: 0.8 g
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