• Jun132022

    8 Ways to Get the Best from Your Nail Care Kit

    Looking for the best nail care kit for damaged nails? Check out this guide for caring for damaged nails with our nail treatment kits.

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  • Jun122022

    11 Benefits of Himalayan Salt

    Did you know salt could be good for your skin? Check out this article to find out what Himalayan salt to do to help improve your skin and prevent future damage.

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  • Apr172022
    stop nail biting

    Nail Biting Nibble No More & Cactus Extract

    This top product is the best option you could hope for when it comes to finally cutting out a distressing habit.

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  • Apr092022
    cuticle oil look

    Cuticle Oil -The Low Key Bestie

    If you’ve experienced problems with your cuticles and nails, cuticle oil might just be the low key bestie you’ve been looking for.

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  • Apr032022
    Absolute Perfection Foundation

    Perfection in a Medium to Full Coverage Foundation

    Absolute Perfection full coverage foundation is the perfect product to see your skin-based dreams come true!

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  • Jul052021
    push back cuticles

    The Art of Perfect Nails

    The art of perfect nails is all to about nail care, not your polish application.

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  • Jun122021

    Haloskin Intro

    Introducing HALOSKIN – Himalayan Fossil Salt combined with Italian style make this a unique range of products that you won’t find elsewhere.

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  • May182021

    Which Polish For Me

    With so many choices of polish system, which is right for me? Manicures are a low cost beauty treatment that…

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  • Apr022021
    woman with makeup

    Nee Makeup Milano

    If you have seen or heard the excitement around Nee Makeup Milano, take a look at our blog to learn more!

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  • Mar172021

    Jessica Cuticle Spa Treatment

    A classic and effective treatment combo that should be in everyone’s nail care kit!

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