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HERLA Body Spa – Essence of Nature and PURE Luxury

HERLA stands as a pioneering force in the European Spa industry, crafting luxurious treatments and products for effective body care. Emphasising holistic wellness – revel in the enriching power of nature with HERLA’s natural beauty solutions!

Created by WOMEN for women

The brand is the perfect combination of both cutting-edge science and nature’s wealthiest ingredients, creating luxurious skin care that helps women achieve harmony between their inner beauty and outer glow. HERLA products are designed for those who appreciate maximum safety in their cosmetics while prioritising natural radiance. Allowing you to focus on being your most beautiful self.

Cruelty Free

Ensure your conscience is as clear as HERLA’s products! All of their items are ethically produced and certified cruelty-free by PETA. You can shop with confidence knowing the entire process was done right.

 Natural Ingredients

HERLA insists on high-quality and sustainable ingredients which are up to 100% naturally and sustainably sourced from around the globe. Committed to protecting our planet’s resources while providing premium formulas.


HERLA combines the best of nature with state-of-the art science to create top quality, highly effective products. By fusing modern bio-technological techniques and rich natural ingredients, wellness achieves a whole new level.

HERLA Glam Hands & Feet

Nourishing Spa Manicure

Rose Essential Oils

Herla’s signature treatment imbues skin with long-lasting hydration, thanks to its harmonious blend of botanical active substances and high concentrations of hyaluronic acid. It’s scented with a delicate floral aroma for an unparalleled sensory experience that invites relaxation during your beauty session. Perfect as either an add-on or standalone!

Regenerating Spa Pedicure

Eucalyptus & Peppermint

Pamper your feet with a lush and soothing pedicure experience! Our invigorating peppermint-eucalyptus blend is enriched with therapeutic essential oils to restore moisture, regenerate skin cells, and bring unparalleled relief for even the driest of feet. Enjoy everlasting comfort whether as an add-on or stand-alone treatment – it’s time to treat yourself right!

Start with HERLA Body Spa in your salon – the easy way!

Salon professionals now have the opportunity to take advantage of HERLA’s expansive selection of luxury massage, hands, feet and body spa products. From customising your style with professional results to choosing retail options that will enhance your overall experience – you can trust in HERLA for all of your salon body spa treatments.

herla gold massage oil

Clean and effective formulas infused with rich, fresh botanical extracts.

Take the next step and join us now to start your journey with HERLA’s wide array of exciting products sure to please every client!

Transform your salon into a luxurious oasis and give clients the full body spa treatment with HERLA’s premium products!

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