About Us

Who We Are

We are the authorised Australian distributor for Jessica Cosmetics International. A highly regarded brand manufactured in the USA. Jessica is a leading brand & was established in 1978.

Our Vision

We are committed to the safety, integrity, innovation & quality of our products and services with an emphasis on personalised client care. We aim to promote the health and beauty of natural nails by providing our valuable customers with permium products, delivered to your door and supported with expert customer service levels.

A Message From Our Founder

“Beautiful nails are a must to give a woman complete grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are therefore well groomed nails give confidence and power. Every woman will find that the healthy, beautiful results are well worth the time spent on an effective nail grooming regimen.”
Warm Regards

Jessica Signature

Jessica Vartoughian
C.E.O & Founder

Promotes Healthy Nails

There is no substitute for the beauty of carefully cultivated, natural nails. Start with the basic nail and develop beautiful, healthy nails.

High Quality Products

Jessica Cosmetics is recognised as one of the worlds best for quality and remains the foremost at the centre of advanced natural nail care.

7 FREE & Cruelty FREE

At Jessica we are proud to provide a cleaner and kinder product. One that is free from animal testing and dangerous chemicals.

Customised Treatments

First to recognise that like skin & hair, nails are not alike. Identify your nail type & create a perfect customised treatment to achieve a healthy foundation.

Unique Pampering Services

Jessica provides state of the art, unique and pampering experiences like no other. You are assured that for every nail problem we have a solution.

Free Support

Have a problem?
We are here to answer any questions and best of all, you will be talking to an expert in their field.