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Who We Are

Rose and Geoff, we started Masters Beauty International a few years back when Rose decided that she wanted to move into promoting natural nail products.  At the time she was running her own beauty salon in Newcastle where they were using Jessica Cosmetics for nail services.  As chance would have it, the local distribution for Jessica Cosmetics was on the market.  After meeting with Jessica Vartoughian, we took the plunge and re-launched the Jessica brand in Australia, thus beginning our current journey.

Although nails were the start for us, and they are a lot of fun, we soon recognised the need to branch into other beauty products and brands.  Our clients demand great products and so we knew we could help them out.

Over the last couple of years we have been working hard to realise our new direction and now we have some really interesting and exciting brands on board.  These include Nee Makeup Milano, Marzia Clinic and Haloskin, all based in Italy and around the city of Milan – the fashion hub of Europe.

We only look to source brands that meet our client’s expectations and needs.  Our success comes from being fortunate enough to achieve this goal by relying on established and/or innovative suppliers.

Our MANTRA “We try it… We love it… We share it with YOU”

Our Vision

We are committed to achieving a few key outcomes that ultimately benefit our customers.

The products we distribute are innovative, reliable and have high quality production values. We are also committed to personalised service and ensuring that we take care of your needs as part of our relationship with you.

Our aim is to promote brands that identify with our strong belief in Cruelty Free practices and with those that are kinder to the environment and healthier for you.

We also take a lot of pride in providing expert advice and helping our salon accounts growing their business to another level.

And, we want to keep our brands exclusive to salons and spas.  You wont find our products in retail outlets.


Promoting Healthy Outcomes

There is no substitute for beauty derived from a healthy way of life. Our products come from suppliers committed to a more natural approach.

High Quality Products

Our suppliers are recognised as worlds best for quality and continue to remain at the forefront of advanced beauty therapy and care.

7 FREE & Cruelty FREE

We strive to ensure that our products are cleaner and kinder.  All are free from animal testing and dangerous chemicals – for your safety.

Customised Solutions

Originally derived from Jessica’s approach to nail care, we now offer customised options for salon owners to better suit their needs.

Unique Pampering Services

Our brands ensure state of the art, unique and pampering experiences like no others. You are assured that for every issue we have a solution.

Free Support

Have a problem?
We are here to answer any questions and best of all, you will be talking to an expert in their field.

A Word From Jessica Vartoughian

“Beautiful nails are a must to give a woman complete grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are therefore well groomed nails give confidence and power. Every woman will find that the healthy, beautiful results are well worth the time spent on an effective nail grooming regimen.”
Warm Regards

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Jessica Vartoughian
JESSICA Cosmetics Intl

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