Fruit Massage

All NATURAL fruit GEL body massage by Marzia Clinic

Fruit massages combine the physical and emotional well-being. Extracts of fresh fruit juices and phyto-endorphins from Monks Pepper Berry are the key ingredients of the massage system. Phyto-endorphins are “feel good” transmitters which work on the nervous system to stimulate natural regeneration whilst providing a pleasant felling of wellness. Combining emollient plant oils with the finest cold pressed and steam distilled essential oils to positively improve the skin, soul and senses. Offered as a professional product line.


A pure combination of plant oils and fruit extracts with essential oils for luminous skin.


Experience the mood enhancing benefits of Monks Pepper Berry extract.


Holistic colour and fruit treatment that give balance and energy to body and mind.








Fruit extracts are known for powerful anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties. Fruit contains naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids that work as effective anti-oxidants. Fruit are also abundant in various vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by the skin when added to skin care products. You will experience improved skin appearance, a reduction in imperfections and a vibrant and luminous looking skin.

Quotes from our clients

The texture of the fruit gels that made me so happy

The massage smelt so good

I felt incredibly relaxed…I live for a great massage and this was it

A massage gel that smells exactly like the fruits

There’s something about how delicious and fresh they smell


Made from 100% natural products
No parabens or silicone
Colours – orange, green, indigo, yellow, white and red
Fruits – Apple, Blueberry, Melon, Pineapple, Red Grape and White Grape
100% Made in Italy

Indulge in total FRUIT fantasy with a therapeutic and RELAXING massage


Shop here for professional products and sizes for your salon.


Professional clients can purchase everything needed to start Fruit Massage with this special opening offer. Download for details.


Learn more about the benefits and how to use each of the fruit massage colours.

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