Natural Nail Care

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Gorgeous colour starts with the right FOUNDATION

The JESSICA System keeps your nails and manicures looking flawless for as long as 2 weeks!
Set your offer apart by promoting the health, growth and beauty of your clients natural nails – “you can always tell a JESSICA manicure”.
The JESSICA System starts with a nail analysis to identify each client’s nail type, as all nails are not alike. Then, for every problem, JESSICA provides a specific solution.

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For extraordinary results, we can help you customise your service by using a range of treatment base coats that will solve all nail problems.


Offer your client’s a precise treatment regimen for each nail condition which compliments your manicure and/or pedicure service.

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With your new expertise, recommend a complete range of home maintenance care to support your clients in between salon visits.

Don’t put your client LOYALTY at risk

• Finding that polish peels or chips after a day or so?
• Nails look dry or damaged after removing polish?
• Are clients complaining of weak or sensitive nails?
• Manicure loses its lustre in just a couple of days?
• Are you looking for a more natural approach?
• Want a more therapeutic approach to nail care?

Solve ALL these problems and more with the JESSICA System

Natural nail care FOUNDATION

  •  Specially formulated for natural nails.
  •  For every problem there is a solution.
  •  Prescribe an effective treatment.
  •  Manicures that last up to 14 days.
  •  Condition nails and promote healthy growth.
  •  A natural and pampering approach.
  •  Offer a luxurious nail care experience.
  •  Opportunity for retail aftercare.

    Only $1.50 per manicure/pedicure
    Offer a deluxe 45 min manicure
    Nail treatments come in 15ml & 7.4ml
    Most are 7 Free
    ALL are cruelty Free
    ALL are Vegan friendly

    “I find their nail care great, the only one that I see results”

    Olinda – Retail Client

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