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Natural Nail Care

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Gorgeous colour starts with the right FOUNDATION

The JESSICA System keeps your nails and manicures looking flawless for as long as 2 weeks!
The JESSICA System promotes the health, growth and beauty of your clients natural nails.
Set yourself apart – “you can always tell a JESSICA manicure”.
The JESSICA System starts with a nail analysis to identify each client’s nail type.
All nails are not alike and for every problem, JESSICA provides a solution.


For extraordinary results, customise your service by using a range of treatment base coats.


A precise treatment regimen for each client nail condition which is used throughout the manicure and pedicure.


Recommend home maintenance care to support your clients in between salon visits.

Don’t put your client LOYALTY at risk

• Is your polish peeling or chipping after a day or 2?
• Do your client’s nails look dry, damaged or rough after removing polish?
• Do clients complain of weak or sensitive nails?
• Does your manicure lose its beauty in just a couple of days?
• Are your clients seeking a more natural approach?
• Do you want to take a more therapeutic approach to nail care?

The FOUNDATION of natural nail care

  • Specially formulated for natural nails.
  • For every problem there is a solution.
  • Prescribe an effective treatment.
  • Manicures that last up to 14 days.
  • Condition nails and promote healthy growth.
  • A natural and pampering approach.
  • Offer a luxurious nail care experience.
  • Opportunity for retail aftercare.

    $1.49 per manicure/pedicure
    45 min per manicure
    Custom Colours available in 15ml & 7.4ml bottles
    7 Free
    Cruelty Free
    Vegan friendly

    Get STARTED now in natural nail care


    Everything needed to begin your journey into the JESSICA System. JESSICA’s nail analysis and prescribed treatment program can help any woman achieve healthy, beautiful nails.


    This is the natural nail must-have appliance, complete with six separate attachments for manicures and pedicures. This machine reduces your time & effort, whilst offering the healthiest & most effective results.


    Electrically heated thermal mittens are the key to a deluxe JESSICA manicure. Essential for increasing penetration of moisturisers, giving long lasting
    benefit and softer, smoother skin.

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