Manicure Your Way to Success

Manicure Your Way to Success
October 27, 2020 MBI Beauty Crew

Manicure Your Way to Success

Ever since nail services became a staple on the beauty salon menu, many spa and salon owners have wondered “is it actually worth performing manicure and pedicure services”?

Some have decided mani’s take plenty of effort for not much return, but is this really the case?

No doubt there are challenges in the nail industry.  Poorly trained staff, possible damage to clients’ nails and the rise of a cheap alternative in the shape of nail bars, to name a few.

JESSICA is confident that it’s not all bad news because mani’s are still a great salon/spa service.  With a bit of flair and innovation, all salons, spas, resorts and upscale nail salons can reap the benefits of providing a great manicure and still compete, without having to slash the price of their services.

Let’s dig deeper and uncover the hidden benefits of a pampering service that transforms something ordinary into the extraordinary.

7 Fabulous Benefits of Manicures

1. Mani’s are a great tester for your prospective clients

New clients often approach your business with some anxiety about how good your service will be.  Beauty services are very personal by nature and clients are placing their trust in you with very little to go on when they first come through your door.  Manicures are a perfect way for them to see how you work, get to know you and decide that your salon is the one for them.

Don’t blow that ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to impress them.  A quick manicure is a relatively cheap service and can be done in the relaxed and open atmosphere at the front of your salon.  Done well it is the perfect service to showcase your skill and personality.  The client doesn’t need to strip off or be in room alone with you for an hour or so.  What’s more they don’t need to spend a fortune to try you out.

2. Colour always sells and is eye catching

Ever wondered why those err… cheaper places seem to be full of customers?  One reason is that they nearly always have tons of colours to choose from.  The walls are often lined with colour so it becomes very attractive to go in and look.

No matter how many colours you have, make sure they are displayed in the best possible way.  Keep them bunched together with no gaps.  Place similar colours side by side so the client can compare them easily and make sure the lighting brings out the colour.

A mirror behind also makes it look like you have more colours.  Finally, re-arrange them on a regular basis to make it look like things have changed and be sure to introduce new colours each season.

3. Manicures are profitable

Yes it’s true.  The returns you make on manis and pedis are the same or better than all the other great services you offer – provided you don’t go crazy with discounts.

The answer to making manicures more profitable lies in marketing to the right consumers and providing a service that your client can’t find elsewhere.  Make sure people in your area know your service is upscale, quality, exciting, quick – whatever your point of difference might be.  Become the Master Chef of manicuring!

4. Manicures are an instant mobile showcase of your business

Once your client leaves your door, their nails are on display for everyone to see.  A great manicure will be a talking point and clients will happily tell their friends where to get one just like theirs.  When was the last time you heard a woman talking up her facial?  We bet that doesn’t happen too much.

You can also take pics and post them on social media which is really kind of hard for most other services.  Get it out there, what a great job you do and the range of colours you have to offer.

5. Easy to fit in to limited space

After setting up your salon, you might have found it wasn’t quite as big as it looked when you moved in.  Suddenly you realise the manicure table is still buried in the storage room out the back.

No problem, your manicure table can fit into that free corner and make the most of the space you have.  On a revenue per square metre measure, manicuring wins hands down every time…sort of like those other places we don’t like to talk about.

So find that spare space and put it to good use.

6. The perfect up-sell

Manicures are great for up-selling in 2 different ways.  Firstly, while you are doing a nail service, you have time to talk to your client, hold their hand (literally) and educate them on nail care.  This gives you a great opportunity to offer products to take home or a bottle of the new colour you just applied.

On the flip side, a manicure can make a great add-on service too!  How about offering a deal when your client gets a massage or facial?  Try and work on ways to make your salon the complete “package”.

7. Mani’s and pedi’s are the finishing touch

Nail services are the finishing touch for your client but also for your business too.  Clients have an expectation that a beauty salon or spa will offer a full range of services.  Don’t disappoint them by not being able to do manicures.

The last thing you want is a reason to miss out on a new client, or lose one you have now, on the chance they go elsewhere to get their mani done.

How Does It Feel

Beauty therapy is all about looking and feeling good.  A great manicure will have your clients looking their best which means they will feel fantastic when they leave your salon.  Not just for a moment either, but for hours, days and even weeks in some cases.

A stand-out manicure will be the envy of family, friends and work mates.  Your client will want to tell them all about it, show off their beautiful nails and probably mention your salon while they are at it.  What better way to get a compliment and be noticed.

A Real Life Success

It might all sound so great but let us assure you there are salons out there right now making the most of manicures.   Nail Bar Café in Byron Bay is just one example.  They have taken manicures to a whole new level and their entire business is built on express manis & pedis.

With a complete range of colours, multiple therapists and an atmosphere that fits in with the relaxed lifestyle of Byron Bay, Nail Bar Café have managed to create a product with mass appeal in a location that you might not associate with great manicures.

All it takes is a little thought, some initiative and an innovative approach to stand-out and succeed.

Can you afford NOT to offer this incredible service on your menu?


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