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    Absolute Perfection Foundation

    Fluid foundation, natural and light texture. Sublime the complexion, hides imperfections, is extremely comfortable and moisturising. Leave the skin velvety and soft to the touch. 30 ml
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    Blush Cotto

    DESCRIPTION: Silky and light, gives a three-dimensional effect to cheekbones and cheeks, giving your face a radiant and young look. It is simple and fast. Illuminates the cheekbones with shimmering and glittering reflections. SIZE: 4.5 g
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    Brightflash Illuminating Liquid Concealer

    DESCRIPTION: Fluid corrector pen created to give gloss to the different points of the face, minimizing dark circles, small wrinkles and shadow areas. Functional packaging with practical brush applicator. Laying before the foundation performs a corrective action, after the foundation a lighting action. SIZE: 2 ml
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    Cleansing Oil

    DESCRIPTION: Cleansing oil with a silky formula that purifies and protects the skin removing make up and excess oil. Leaves the skin fresh, radiant and healthy. SIZE: 50 ml
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    Compact Foundation Vitamin E

    DESCRIPTION: Compact foundation with high performance and easy to apply. The long-lasting adhesive formula guarantees perfect day-to-day comfort. Uniform finish making it bright, reduces redness and discoloration without weighing down the facial features. Size: 10 ml
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    Double Action Lifting Foundation

    DESCRIPTION: Fluid foundation enriched by a valuable gel for functional plant and functional stem cells, combines cosmetic action with a healing action. A dual dispenser designed to separate the gel from the foundation and keep the active ingredients intact. SIZE: 15 + 15 ml
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    Face Rejuvenating Primer

    Hydrating and anti-aging face primer. Rich in active ingredients. It’s the perfect base for any make-up or to use as your daily face cream. 30 ml
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    Liquid Bronze Intensive Hydrating

    DESCRIPTION: Innovative fluid bronzer, gives a natural and instant suntan without exposing yourself to the sun. The texture is light and silky ensuring a bright bronze effect. The skin is protected and tanned. Ideal for men too. SIZE: 50 ml
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    Liquid Powder Matte Effect

    DESCRIPTION: Innovative product 2 in 1 that combines the performance of a foundation with the dampening effect of a powder. The formula gives a feathery smooth effect. It does not require the application of powder after application. SIZE: 30 ml
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    Loose Powder HD

    DESCRIPTION: High definition loose powder great for photo shoots and to use every day for a professional look. It creates a “soft look” effect, perfect for fixing make-up. 12 g
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    Make-Up Fixer

    DESCRIPTION: Fast drying make-up fixer, rich in active ingredients that increase the lasting results of any make-up for up to 12 hours. SIZE: 150 ml
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    Mini Bi Phase Eye Make-Up Remover

    DESCRIPTION: Biphasic makeup remover for the eyes. Instantly and gently removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof makeup, leaving the eyelashes and eyelids perfectly moisturized and clean. SIZE: 20 ml
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