The Art of Perfect Nails

The Art of Perfect Nails
July 5, 2021 MBI Beauty Crew

Treat your nails like jewels – not tools!

push back cuticles

When it comes to natural nails, JESSICA Cosmetics is considered a world leading brand and an expert in the art of perfect nails!

MBI JESSICA Cosmetics has a complete range of nail treatment and care products to remedy every nail condition and ensure you can maintain naturally beautiful nails and master the art of perfect nails.

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. Instinctively making eye contact, smiling, offering your hand to shake. But how do you react when greeted by a set of ghastly looking nails or even worse, an open wound and jagged cuticles!

No matter which side of the handshake you are on, if it is a rough one, you leave the encounter with a strong desire to head to your nearest nail salon. This, however, might not be the best course of action.

It’s possible your manicure might the cause of nail damage – not the cure!

Take a moment to reflect on dealing with this problem. Instead of just masking unsightly nail damage with a sleek coat of polish – let us get serious about really caring for nails and mastering the art of perfect nails.

There are many ways nails get damaged, here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Overuse of hard gels
  • The techniques employed in doing acrylic nails
  • Incorrect or harsh removal of soft gels
  • Peeling your gel off your nail
  • Vitamin deficiencies, or
  • Direct damage to the nail bed.

You can see how easy nails fall into disrepair if not cared for. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to get your nails back into tip-top shape. There are also specific treatments available for repairing damaged nails.

6 easy steps to healthy, glowing and natural nails:

1.Resist the urge to cut those cuticles

This all too common mistake can be overcome by softening cuticles with JESSICA Nourish Therapeutic Cuticle Crème. Then push back your cuticles with an orangewood stick – too easy. ONLY use cuticle nippers to remove dead loose skin if needed.

2.Use a quality nail polish remover

We all know that polish removers are acetone-based. The difference between a quality remover and no name brands is the addition of moisturisers that help in protecting your nail and cuticles. Use a gentle nail polish remover and less is best. That means less product, less often. A week to 10 days between uses and never soak your nails in remover as it has a harsh drying effect!

3.Cuticle care is king

Focus focus and focus some more on cuticle care. Your cuticles lay the foundation for your nails. Apply a daily drop of cuticle oil such as JESSICA Phenomen Oil and massage the cuticle area. Your nails bounce back quicker and stronger than ever. Best used at night, it is also important to massage your fingertips well to get the blood flowing.

4.Use 7-Free nail hardeners

Avoid further nail damage and dry nails by using 7-Free products where possible. A treatment like JESSICA Bend Don’t Break will strengthen and protect your nails with regular use. This maintenance base coat is 7-Free, vegan-friendly and 100% EU compliant, making it both safe to use and extremely effective.

5.Don’t skimp on your polish

Now all the hard work is done, your nails and cuticles look amazing. Select a quality polish to accentuate the look and make the most of the perfect foundation you have created. All JESSICA classic polishes and Phenom are nourishing, non-drying and 7-Free. What’s more, no animal products are used nor are JESSICA polishes tested on animals.

6.Moisturise your hands

Finally, don’t forget to use a good hand cream to moisturise your hands. This will eliminate hangnails (dry skin around the nails) and ensure that your hands look as good as your nails.

Why cutting cuticles IS so bad?

Manicurists tend to cut cuticles as it is faster, and they are mostly trained to do so. Cutting skin can result in an infection or bleeding. At best, cut cuticles quickly become uneven in appearance meaning you are back for a manicure more often.

Ask your nail tech to either use a cuticle remover OR soften your cuticles and push them back.

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Nail Care Facts & Fiction

7Free + Vegan Friendly + Cruelty Free = 10 Free

The terms 7- and 10- Free are essentially the creations of marketing teams trying to out-do each other. When you research the facts, a product that is 7-Free, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free has the same specifications as a 10-Free product and the 2 terms are identical in meaning.

Do not expect instant results

Depending on how damaged your nails are, it can take up to three months to completely grow them out. Your nails are slow growing and therefore take time and effort to get right.

Keep your nails covered

When not using polish, make sure you use a basecoat. This will encase the nail and protect it from drying out.

Your visible nails are dead tissue

The part you can see or that is facing upwards consists of dead cells. That is why it doesn’t hurt to cut your nails or when you tap, hit or scrape your nail.

Nails do not breathe

They are there to protect the ends of your fingers and do not need oxygen or any other chemical to sustain them. All nutrients required by the nail bed come from the blood underneath. As such, you can wear polish for as long as you like with no ill effects, providing you look after your nail health.

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