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    Anti-fungal Treatment 15ml

    Maximun Strength

    JESSICA's Antifungal Treatment effectively eliminates fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections.  No need to remove polish or acrylics.  Penetrates with patented delivery system. 18ml Bottle
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    Bend Don’t Break 15ml


    Natural Nail Treatment

    A revolutionary nail complex formulated to maximise strength and flexibility whilst minimising breaking.  Hydrating polymers increase the flexibility and condition while natural strengtheners allow a good oxygen exchange which prevents splitting and breaking. 15ml Bottle
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    Buff 15ml

    Cuticle Gel

    Removes and eliminates excess cuticles leaving nails looking neat and well groomed. 15ml Bottle
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    Matte 4 Men 15ml

    Conditioner & Treatment

    This matte finish base coat and topcoat revitalises and conditions nails. 15ml Bottle
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    Nibble No More 15ml

    Stops Nail Biting!

    A fast and effective treatment formulated with bitter cactus extract that gives nails an undesirable, bitter taste, helping to break the lifelong habit of nail biting.  Also stimulates healthy new growth. 15ml Bottle
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    Nourish 14g

    Therapeutic Cuticle Formula

    An all-time classic cuticle therapy.  This pure blend of antioxidants, vitamins and healing agents provides instant hydration and continuous moisture to nourish and soothe cuticles and nails.  It feeds the matrix of the nail as it is massaged in to stimulate circulation and growth.
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    Phenomen Oil 15ml

    Intensive Moisturiser

    Stimulates like a massage, intensively conditions and softens cuticles as it promotes growth and strength of the nail.  Heals and re-hydrates with natural Jojoba, Almond and Rice Oils.  Excellent too on elbows, feet, knees or any rough, dry area that needs deep moisturising. 15ml Bottle
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    Scrub Away 14g

    Hand & Nail Exfoliator

    Exfoliates dry, dead skin cells and leaves hands and nails revitalised and healthy looking. 14g Bottle
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    Scrub Away 57g

    Hand & Nail Exfoliator

    Exfoliates dry, dead skin cells and leaves hands and nails revitalised and healthy looking. 57g Tub
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    Smoothe Moves 59ml

    Hand Conditioner

    This conditioner for hands and body provides soothing and nourishing hydration. 60ml Bottle
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    Rejuvenation – Dry Nails 15ml

    Base Coat For Dry Nails

    A technologically complex combination of Protein KSW and water that increases the nails moisture levels alleviating dryness.  The healing benefits of Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are absorbed into the nail plate, conditioning and strengthening while restoring natural flexibility. 15ml Bottle
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    Brilliance Hi Gloss 15ml

    High Gloss In A Flash

    Advanced new formula speeds up drying time while adding an unparalleled high gloss finish.  UV inhibitors and reflective polymers prevent chipping, smudging or yellowing.  Each time you apply it is like a brand new manicure, fresh with shine. 15ml Bottle
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