$5000 Winners

$5000 Winners
December 4, 2017 geoff
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Sarah with her family

SARAH Evans never dreamed that a small pamper during her holiday would lead to a life changing moment but that is what her manicure and pedicure at Shades of Beauty at Nelson Bay turned into.

Like anyone asked to fill in a free entry Sarah complied, and five months later she received a shock phone call telling her she had won $5000 from Jessica Cosmetics.  Sarah Evans told News Of The Area, “The prize was for either $5000 in travel or $5000 in cash, we’re opting for the cash which we will be putting towards a home loan deposit.”

The family of four are hoping to buy in the Nelson Bay area around February next year.  “I’m a Bay local and have lived here most of my life,” she said.  Sarah is mother of two boys Cody Evans aged 14 and Carter Harrison aged three.

Sarah, Lee & the Shades Body of Beauty team

Lee Clark the owner of Shades of Beauty told News Of The Area, “It gives me goose bumps to see a young family going for a home loan as a result of winning a prize in the salon.”  Lee is enthusiastic about the Jessica Cosmetics nail range which has less chemicals and is long lasting.

The competition ran nationally and Sarah won first prize.  “I’m absolutely stoked, it is amazing that the prize came to Nelson Bay and I’m so pleased it went to one of my clients,” she said.

Runner up prizes of $250 each went to Rebecca C. of Merewether NSW who received her ticket at Alternate Ways to Beauty and Helen H. from Port Macquarie NSW who received her ticket from Elysium Beauty.

Finally, Shades Body of Beauty owner Lee Clark received a $500 product voucher for being the salon that gave out the winning ticket.

Congratulations to all our winners and a huge thank you to everyone that entered and all the salon’s that helped make the promotion a massive success.

Thanks to Marian Sampson from News of the Area in Nelson Bay.


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