Our Review of Cosmoprof Bologna 2019 Part 1

Cosmoprof 2019 – Part 1
April 22, 2019 MBI Beauty Crew

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Rose and Geoff have just arrived back from Italy and the amazing show that was – the 2019 edition of Cosmoprof in Bologna.  Undoubtedly the largest beauty and hair trade show in the world, and in a word we can say one thing… WOW!!

We have never walked so much in a single day with Rose’ health and fitness app recording about 22 km worth of steps by the time we headed off to the station. As we stayed in Florence while the show was in full swing it meant a fast train ride each day.  When we say fast, think 300km/h!!

The day started with a quick $2 coffee fix at the café bar as we quickly realised that takeaway coffee and walking around with a paper cup full of coffee is far from cool or acceptable!

So, let’s start with a few interesting facts that describe how utterly enormous Cosmoprof really is.

  • 2,822 exhibitors from all over the world including a few from Australia
  • 263,121 visitors
  • 3 separate shows in one that make up Cosmoprof
  • Cosmopack – dedicated to the cosmetics supply chain and all of its various ingredients, raw materials, contract and private label manufacturing, packaging, applicators, machinery, automation and full-service solutions.
  • Cosmoprime – focused on retail/finished cosmetics (anything you might see in stores).
  • Cosmo Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon – for professional hair and nail beauty brands.

Meeting up with suppliers is a key priority as the opportunities to get together are limited

Stefania, Davide & Maria

Back: Nadia, Geoff & Victor
Front: Jessica & Rose

With only 2 days to explore and meet with our current suppliers, we had to break it down to what we really wanted to see in the time available.  One area that was a big focus for us was the “Green & Natural Hall”.  This one alone took us half a day to get through!

In the end we checked out plenty but settled on a few innovative and naturally based brands that really caught our attention.  Any, or all of these could be heading our way!  In no particular order, we have done a quick summary of each.

Haloskin Himalayan Salt Aromatic Cosmetic Skin Care

Rose really liked this skincare range for its simplicity and unique selling point – Himalayan Salt.

The brand is new on the scene and promotes the health effects of Himalayan salt which looks to be extremely popular in Europe.

The line is compact and comes in professional sizes which make it a perfect candidate in our opinion.

Samples are on the way so we will see how it stacks up shortly.

CromoAroma Face by Marzia Clinic

This is a professional & home beauty skin care range 100% made in Italy and another line that really caught Rose’ eye!

Treatments are personalised by using (5) different colours and (24) different essential oils according to both the skin condition and the mood of the customer.  Aimed at the most common skin blemishes: dehydration, ageing, hyper seborrheic skin, acne and sensitive skin.  This is a really well thought out and impressive skin treatment line that couples fantastic ingredients colour and unique protocols!

terrAKUA Body and Soul Ritual

Pampering Spa massage treatments at their most luxurious best describes terraAKUA.

For the first time the innovative Spa ritual line combines different cultures in one holistic technique.  Supported by the use of special earth ceramic tools which can be used hot, cold or in combination for a truly unique massage experience.

terrAKUA tools are designed to perform long relaxing body massages (also suitable for face) to enhance the functional treatment characteristics of the related products.

The system comes with sensorial butter, lotions and enchanting fragrances – Orange Blossom – Amber Romance – Oriental Dream – Eternal Charm.  This was one of Rose’ very favorite choices!

HERLA Skin Care

HERLA is a truly stunning and luxurious professional line which is made in Poland and is sold mainly in Hotel spas around the world.

Most of the ingredients are certified organic raw materials, resulting in highly natural products.  All HERLA products have completed safety assessments and undergone the necessary dermatological tests.  Up to 100% of the composition of the products is carefully selected natural ingredients from around the world.

This line is beautiful and we are testing at the moment. We are very excited with this brand as it really is heaven on your skin!

HEMP VALLEY Skincare & Body

Hemp Seed Oil is definitely on trend at the moment which makes this Organic certified product especially attractive.

The products contain HEMP SEED OIL + Hyaluronic Acid + Aloe Vera + EMULIUM MELLIFERA.  This last ingredient has been awarded with a GOLD Medal for novelty and consumer expectation.  It is a revolutionary emulsifier that makes the products adaptable to climate, environment and different skin types.

Perfect for “at home care” and very much aligned with growing demand in Australia for organic products.  At least 95% natural ingredients.

There’s still a few more to talk about but we’ll let you absorb this stuff first.  Look for our upcoming blog where we’ll finish the journey and maybe let you in on a secret or two..

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