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The Best Top Coats for Nails

Without using great top coats you may struggle to keep your nails well-maintained for more than a day or two! Read More

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    Dynamic Duo | Treat & Strengthen

    , ,

    Create the perfect manicure

    State-of-the-art nail strengthening base-coat Bend Don't Break that hardens nails on the outside and makes nails flexible on the inside. Top off your manicure with Thick Plumping Top Coat for a tough gel-like shine that lasts and lasts. SAVE with the 2 x 15ml Bundle.  
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    Brilliance Hi Gloss Topcoat

    Top Coat For High Gloss Finish

    High Gloss in a Flash!
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    Thick Top Coat | Adds Strength

    It provides an impenetrable coating and volume to give nails a dazzling gel like shine and shape whilst protecting nails from chipping and breaking.
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    Quick Dry Drops

    60 Second Drying Drops

    Protects from scratching, smudging and wrinkling. MUST be applied over Brilliance Top Coat - cannot be used alone.
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    Top Priority | Colour Sealer

    Glazing ultra-seal top coat

    Seals, locks and protects the colour of the polish like a ceramic glaze. MUST BE USED WITH BRILLIANCE: BRILLIANCE Top Coat - [sf_modal header="Brilliance Top Coat" link_type="text" link_text="CLICK to Add" btn_colour="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Button text"]

    Apply over your polish for a long lasting chip free shine! Can be used every 2nd day to refresh the colour and lengthen your manicure.

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    No Shine Matte Topcoat

    Matte finish top coat

    Gives nails a velvety matte finish and is very fast drying.  
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