Recovery | Treat Brittle Nails

Recovery | Treat Brittle Nails

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Base Coat For Hard/Brittle Nails

Increases moisture and flexibility of the nails.

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Is This For Me ?

My nails are hard and inflexible, they tend to break high  in a straight clean line and shatter when I cut my nails or break on impact. My nail can grow quite long and can curve or taper at the ends. If you answered yes to any of these then Recovery Base Coat is for you.


Provides much needed moisture to the nail adding strength and flexibility to make your nails bend without breaking. Healthy nails bends and unhealthy nails break.

How to Use

Apply two (2) coats of Rejuvenation treatment base coat to a clean, dry nail making sure you cap the end of the nails.
Optional: Colour can be applied with this treatment if desired.

Key Ingredients

Protein KSW, (keratin, soy, wheat protein) Calcium, H2O

Experts Tips

The aim of this treatment is to keep the base coat on the nails for at least (7 days) THEN REMOVE AND START THE WHOLE PROCEDURE AGAIN, this treatment should take approximately 6-8 weeks. Once you have reached the desired effect switch to Reward Base Coat to maintain healthy nails



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