Quick Dry Drops

Quick Dry Drops

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60 Second Drying Drops

Protects from scratching, smudging and wrinkling.
MUST be applied over Brilliance Top Coat – cannot be used alone.

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Is This for Me?

Every time I do my nails I manage to smudge and scratch the polish I also see a few wrinkles on some of my nails. I am time poor and need the polish to dry quicker. If you answered yes to this then you need this quick dry drops.


Quick Dry 60 Seconds provides a protective invisible layer that flows over the polish in casing the nail. It will stop surface scratches, imperfections, dents or wrinkles. It is also designed to work with the top coats to speed up the drying process

How to Use

Apply (1) Coat of your desired Jessica Base-coat
Apply (2) Coats of Jessica Polish
Apply (1) coat of Brilliance Top Coat
Apply (1) drop of QUICK DRY 60 Sec

Experts Tips

QUICK DRY must be applied One Minute after applying BRILLIANCE TOP COAT

Quick dry adds an invisible film over the nail polish that will instantly dry but also protects against scratches, dents and smudges


  1. I find this amazing as I often do my nails late at night and can go to bed with out wrecking my polish

    • We’re thrilled to hear that our Jessica Quick Dry Drops have been a nighttime game-changer for your nails Jeanette! It’s wonderful to know you can go to bed without worrying about smudges. Thank you for sharing your experience, and we hope you continue to enjoy many more perfect polish nights!

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