Brittle Nail Treatment Kit

Brittle Nail Treatment Kit

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Treat Brittle Nails

A break through complex which promotes resilience and flexibility.

Includes: 3 x 7.4ml Base Coat | Top Coat | Cuticle Oil

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Is the Brittle Nail Kit for me?

My nails are hard and inflexible! They tend to break high in a straight clean line, shatter when I cut my nails or break on impact. My nail can grow quite long and can curve or taper at the ends – treat them with the Brittle Nail Kit.  My cuticles are not great either. I have dry cuticles with unsightly hangnails and would like to treat that as well. However, while I am treating my nails and cuticles, I would also like to wear polish from time to time.

If you answered yes to these important questions, then the Brittle Nail Treatment Kit is the perfect choice for you. The kit contains a treatment base coat for brittle nails, Jessica’s renowned cuticle oil and a top coat you can use over polish or on your natural nail for a high shine finish.


The Brittle Nail Treatment Kit includes 3 of the best products in the Jessica nail treatment tool bag:

  • RECOVERY Base Coat which provides much needed moisture to the nail, adds strength and flexibility so your nails bend without breaking.
  • Phenomen Oil to re-hydrate and nourish dry cuticles.
  • BRILLIANCE Top Coat which is provides a high gloss finish in a flash, perfect for a long lasting and flawless manicure.

How to Use the Brittle Nail Kit

The kit contains the 3 products you need to ensure you can achieve a perfect manicure. Use all 3 as directed and we guarantee your nails will look better than ever and your nail polish will sparkle.

  1. Apply (2) Coats of your RECOVERY Base Coat
  2. Apply (2) Coats of your favourite JESSICA CUSTOM POLISH
  3. Apply (1) Coat of Brilliance Topcoat
  4. Apply (1) Drop of Phenomen Oil at night and massage well into your cuticles.

Key Ingredients

Phenomen Oil – Vitamin E | Jojoba | Sweet Almond Oil | Rice Oil
Recovery Base Coat – Protein KSW (keratin, soy, wheat protein) | Calcium | Water
Brilliance Top Coat – UV Inhibitors

Experts Tip for Using the Brittle Nail Kit

We recommend that you apply a coat of Brilliance Top Coat every second day to enhance your polish. This will lengthen your manicure by up to 7 days. When applying the Jessica polish, use 8-10 strokes per nail, making sure you have enough polish on the brush as you start. Applying the polish in 8-10 strokes creates air flow within the application which speeds up the drying process.

Learn more about the Jessica Cosmetics brand on their website.


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