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    Bend Don’t Break 15ml


    Natural Nail Treatment

    A revolutionary nail complex formulated to maximise strength and flexibility whilst minimising breaking.  Hydrating polymers increase the flexibility and condition while natural strengtheners allow a good oxygen exchange which prevents splitting and breaking. 15ml Bottle
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    Rejuvenation – Dry Nails 15ml

    Base Coat For Dry Nails

    A technologically complex combination of Protein KSW and water that increases the nails moisture levels alleviating dryness.  The healing benefits of Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are absorbed into the nail plate, conditioning and strengthening while restoring natural flexibility. 15ml Bottle
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    Recovery – Brittle Nails 15ml

    Base Coat For Brittle Nails

    A break through for brittle breaking nails.  This moisture complex of protein KSW, calcium and H2O allows nails to retain needed moisture which promotes resilience and flexibility.  Suppleness replaces brittleness as nails drink in the process of recovery. 15ml Bottle
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    Reward – Normal Nails 15ml

    Base Coat For Normal Nails

    A revolutionary vitamin therapy treatment, rich with natural botanicals and antioxidants.  Vitamin A, C & E ,maintain health, strength and flexibility while calcium and aloe supply maximum protection against future nail breakage. 15ml Bottle
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    Restoration – Damaged Nails 15ml

    Base Coat For Post Acrylic Or Damaged Nails

    Rebuild nails from foundation to surface with this regenerative formula. Contains healing Echinacea to reinforce the nail and aid the recovery process. 15ml Bottle
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    Critical Care – Soft Nails 15ml

    Intensive care for soft nails

    Sets a new standard for boosting growth and strength of severely weakened nails that just wont grow.  Using our exclusive protein KSW fortified with calcium and intense strengtheners, penetrates the nail and increases keratinisation which creates a protective barrier to allow for maximum growth. 15ml Bottle
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    Fusion – Stops Peeling 15ml

    Stops nails from peeling

    The perfect solution for problem peeling nails.  Rubberised resins fuse the nails delicate layers while Vitamin A strengthens and conditions for growth. 15ml Bottle
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    Flawless – Ridge Filler 15ml

    Hides ridges and imperfections.

    Smooths the nail surface creating an excellent bond between base coat and polish.  Superb fluidity for uniform, non-smear application.  Offering the utmost conceal appeal, your manicure appears flawless! [sf_icon image="fa-exclamation-circle" character="" size="small" cont="no" float="left" color=""]MUST BE APPLIED OVER A CUSTOM BASE COAT SUCH AS REWARD 15ml Bottle
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    Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml


    Adds strength to active nails

    Active Nail Protection is a 2 step combination product that provides a unique blend of strengtheners and conditioners, micro and natural fibres that create a cushion that protects nails that are prone to splitting or breaking.  Especially effective for anyone who uses their hands a lot by keeping nails pliable and flexible. 2 x 15ml Bottle
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    Dynamic Duo Pack 2 x 15ml

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    Create the perfect manicure

    Dynamic Duo pack contains a versatile base coat for everyday use to nuture your nails. Ensures you have the best nail foundation. Also includes the most advanced top coat on the market. Designed to rapidly dry JESSICA Custom Colour polish and provide a tough gel-like shine that lasts. 2 x 15ml Bottle
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