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  • Dec052020

    5 Tips to Stop Gel Removal Damage

    If you’ve ever worn Gel polish for any length of time, you’ll know that the gel removal process may cause…

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  • Nov272020

    The Lipstick Matte and Fluid

    Have you ever found yourself longing for a fluid lipstick that has the depth and hydration of a cream lipstick?…

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  • Oct272020

    Manicure Your Way to Success

    Manicure Your Way to Success Ever since nail services became a staple on the beauty salon menu, many spa and…

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  • Sep172020

    UV Facts & Fiction

    UV Facts & Fiction With reports doing the rounds again about the safety of UV Lamps and LED Lights, now…

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  • Aug162020

    GELeration Reloaded

    If you have been wondering about professional only GELeration Soak-Off Gel, read on… We all know that gel polish has…

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  • Jul192020

    JESSICA Story

    Learn all about the JESSICA story and the brand that has become an icon in the nail industry.  The uncompromising…

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  • Jun022020

    Phenom Tutorial

    Phenom polish is easy to apply and this Phenom tutorial will make sure you have all the knowledge and skill…

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