GELeration Reloaded

GELeration Reloaded
August 16, 2020 geoff

If you have been wondering about professional only GELeration Soak-Off Gel, read on…

We all know that gel polish has been a winner among many salon and spa owners, ever since gels hit the market around 2010 their popularity has soared.  Where consumers are looking for a hard wearing, long lasting polish, gels have rightly been and continue to be the go-to option.

Although gels are generally very good at what they do, there are a few common problems that can arise which therapists will instantly recognise and may have experienced at some point.  These little failings include premature lifting or chipping, wrinkling and shrinking, nail damage, dryness and colour fading or pigment changes.

Overcoming the potential flaws

Jessica Cosmetics was one of the leaders in developing gel polishes and Jessica Vartoughian herself was heavily involved throughout all stages of product development and testing.  Her goal was to produce a true soak-off gel polish that would revolutionise the industry, be simple to use and most importantly overcome the potential shortfalls of a new and complex product.  Furthermore, there was to be no compromise of Jessica’s commitment to maintaining the health of the natural nail!  GELeration was the answer and came to be after many months of intense research and development backed by real world testing.

The final piece of the gel puzzle and the key that locks the GELeration system together is the LED light.  This little marvel virtually guarantees a flawless result – every time.  Tuned to match the chemical structure of the gel and delivering the exact amount of UV light needed, GELeration cures quickly (think 10-30 secs) without leaving un-cured residue hidden below the surface.

Success breeds success – the “Lexus” of gels

Launched in 2010 to worldwide acclaim, GELeration has since continued to exceed client expectations with many salon owners and therapists only too happy to talk up the product and share their own positive experience.  Due to the simple application techniques required for GELeration and the high quality ingredients used, all therapists can now experience the unique fulfillment that comes with applying a perfect manicure, not to mention seeing their clients ecstatic with the results.

In fact, Jessica Cosmetics Australia has been supplying GELeration to the best local salons and spas since product launch 7 years ago.  Even today the demand for GELeration and the perfect manicure continues to grow.  We are proud to have helped many client’s reach their full manicure potential and have successfully worked with a multitude of salon owners and therapists across Australia who have introduced and continue to use GELeration.

You could be the next success story!

If GELeration sounds like your thing, ask about our FREE LED Light for new professional clients – available whilst stocks last.

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