5 Tips to Stop Gel Removal Damage

5 Tips to Stop Gel Removal Damage
December 5, 2020 MBI Beauty Crew

If you’ve ever worn Gel polish for any length of time, you’ll know that the gel removal process may cause nail damage and can be very painful if not done properly.

Therapists can be tempted to reach for a file when removing the old gel manicure, especially when the polish is resisting chemical removal.  You can be absolutely sure that even the lightest buffing will remove more than the polish and that means your nail is being damaged.

Filing the nail plate also makes it thinner which makes it more sensitive to pressure and temperature.

JESSICA strives to protect the natural nail throughout the entire manicure process.  To prevent any damage we promote the following gel removal tips:

1. Use the manufacturers recommended removal solution!

You might think that it’s just acetone but the truth is that each gel system relies on a series of chemical processes which have been trialled and tested to give the best results. If you decide to use a substitute product then expect sub-standard results.

Soaking the nail plate in acetone is certain disaster and damage multiplier too.


2. Soak and seal

Use a cotton ball thoroughly soaked in the removal solution and secure it to the nail with a large piece of foil.

Make sure the foil covers most of the finger and is tightly wrapped to create a good seal.

The warmth from your skin will activate and accelerate the process, provided it is properly sealed.

3. Heat for a treat

With GELeration it takes about 10 minutes for the solution to fully work and properly soak-off the polish.

Place your hands in our thermal mittens though and the removal time is halved due to the added heat.

4. No peeking!

Avoid the urge to peel back the foil and check to see if it’s ready to go.  As soon as you expose the removal solution to the air the process stops working.

Allow the product to do its job and give it the right amount of time.

5. Wash the nails when you finish.

Now that the old polish is off spend a few moments giving the nails a clean with a soap free bath. This removes all the residue and will make sure the new manicure goes on without a hitch.

These simple and easy to follow tips will ensure that your gel comes off with ease and your nails remain damage free.  You’ll be a manicurist to the stars in no time!

In fact we recently helped a therapist in Melbourne kick the habit of filing during removal.  Kellie tells us, “now that I have mastered gel removal I am so much more confident.  My clients have seen my skills develop and are asking for gel more than ever”.

Happy manicuring!


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