JESSICA Cuticle Spa Combo

Jessica Cuticle Spa Treatment
March 17, 2021 MBI Beauty Crew

JESSICA Cuticle Spa is a unique combination of moisture and therapy.

We’ve all suffered from dry skin and when it comes to nails and our cuticles, the symptoms are the same. Dryness can strike anytime in the same circumstances.

Cuticle Spa is a combination of 2 of the best Jessica Cosmetics treatments – Phenomen Oil and Nourish – which provide the perfect antidote to dryness and cracked skin.

Whether it’s exposure to dry air, constant washing of hands or any number of other conditions that can dry your nail cuticles.

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What’s the buzz all about?

Masters Beauty have created a classic combination of Phenomen Oil & Nourish Cuticle Crème – JESSICA Cosmetics 2 most iconic and successful nail care products.

In today’s world it is more IMPORTANT than ever for men and women to look their BEST and take care of their NAIL HEALTH and beauty.

The health of the nail cuticle is essential to the development and maintenance of strong, flexible and flawless nails. When used in combination, these ground breaking moisturising and nourishing treatments will ensure your cuticles and nails are looking better than ever.

Phenomen Oil is a healing and re-hydrating cuticle oil which heals and nourishes dry cuticles whilst promoting strong nail growth.

Not only is Jessica Phenomen Oil great for your nail care routine, it is also excellent for other areas where dry skin occurs such as elbows, feet, knees or any other place where rough, dry skin needs deep moisturising.

The essential oils contained in Phenomen Oil will ensure your skin remains supple and hydrated and is best applied at night to allow the oil to penetrate fully.

Rose, who is our master educator tells us that “Phenomen Oil is for maintenance whilst Nourish provides intensive therapy”

“Together you ensure healthy nails and a great foundation for your manicure as well!”

Nourish is an all-time classic cuticle therapy.

The formula is a pure blend of antioxidant vitamins and healing agents which provide instant hydration and continuous moisture to nourish and soothe cuticles.

Nourish feeds the matrix of the nail as it’s massaged into the cuticle area which helps to stimulate circulation and nail growth.

Best used any time throughout the day for immediate cuticle care.

Together these treatments work in unison and enhance the healing properties of each to ensure your cuticles and nails are in the best condition.

In fact our most successful salon therapists constantly prescribe the JESSICA Cuticle Spa treatment regime for their clients as a matter of course.

We at Masters Beauty never cease to be amazed by the results that the JESSICA Cuticle Spa combo achieves in creating flawless cuticles for those dedicated to creating healthy nails.

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