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Nee Makeup Milano
April 2, 2021 MBI Beauty Crew

Oh my goddess it’s NEE!

It doesn’t get better than this – direct from Milan, the fashion hub of Europe.

I guess it’s hardly surprising that we have been overwhelmed by the interest in Nee Makeup Milano as the word spreads about this salon quality makeup.

Australian consumers and salon owners can definitely spot a unique and attractive proposition when it comes to quality makeup.  For the past year we have been trialing and testing Nee with a select few salons and now the time has come to kick start this gorgeous brand. So here we go…

After a light weight makeup?

If you are looking for makeup that feels like a second skin, look no further.  Nee Makeup Milano is so feather light when applied, you will probably forget you are even wearing makeup!  The formulas are specifically designed to ensure a natural look and feel, consistent with the Italian heritage behind Nee.

These light formulas also mean the foundations in particular won’t mark your clothes with unwanted stains that don’t wash out. Perfect for brides on their special day!

Created by PROFESSIONALS for professionals
100% made in ITALY

Blushing naturally!

Nee Makeup has an amazing range of Blush which is based on natural colour tones. You’ll get a healthy glow as opposed to looking like you are suffering a fever!

No more clumpy mascara!

We all know the problems with mascara going gluggy in the bottle after a couple of weeks use.  With Nee Makeup your mascara will remain in good condition for ages and give you max usage – thumbs up to that.

Not to mention with 10 different types of mascara and multiple colour options to choose from you will be sure to find the right one for you.

Yes, CRUELTY FREE as well!

Perhaps most importantly of all, as we become more aware of the impacts of testing on animals you can be assured that Nee is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.  We are 100% committed to brands that are cruelty free.

One last thing…

All Nee products have been developed with your health foremost:

  • Paraben free
  • Hypo-allergenic oil & fragrance free
  • Dermatologically tested

Nee was founded in the ’90s a town just outside Milan by a passionate group of makeup devotees and for over 30 years has been used by the most famous make-up artists in Europe and around the world.

Nee is known worldwide for its extraordinary performance, inspirational colours and delicate formulas.

Nee is a leader in the latest Euro fashions and trends with uncomplicated innovative products designed for all women who love to bring out their beauty in an elegant, refined and natural way.

With simplicity, quality of raw materials and high production standards, Nee aims to represent the elegance and beauty of every woman.

Take a look at NEE Makeup Milano website.
NEE Makeup

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