Which Polish For Me

Which Polish For Me
May 18, 2021 MBI Beauty Crew

With so many choices of polish system, which is right for me?

Manicures are a low cost beauty treatment that can radically transform your overall look and feel in a matter of minutes.  So whether you are a professional therapist or a DIY specialist, it makes a lot of sense to understand which polish type will suit and give you the best result.

Let’s cut to the chase and turn the spotlight on the 3 most common types of polish.

Normal polishes

Royal Red 120

Nutter Butter 274

Blush 366

In their modern form were first marketed in the 1920’s.  Originally known as nail enamel, these polishes are generally solvent based and take time to dry and harden.  Distribution to the masses over many years has resulted in an almost endless variety of brands, colours and finishes.

They may include treatment polishes and can be used to provide a pampering experience which is popular in spas and resorts. Due to the nourishing action of these polishes, they are especially good to use when nails are in poor health or condition.  Quick dry sprays or drops are normally used to accelerate the drying process.

Normal polishes are not hard wearing by today’s standards.  Active women should choose one of the modern systems to achieve the long lasting wear they need.

Deliciously Distressed 1145

Tease 1129

Tea Rose 409

Normal polishes are found the world over which make them a good option when traveling. Also a hit with women that choose the DIY option and perform their manicures at home.

Most fans of this polish are comfortable with their fav shade and will often be loyal to ‘their’ colour for long periods at a time. If they do try another colour, there is a massive range to choose from covering every possible style and taste.

Express drying or hybrid polishes

First Love 004

Parisian Passion 019

Jessica Red 021

The latest in nail tech, hybrids do not need a UV light to cure and can be removed with normal polish remover.

One of the latest polishes available, hybrid polishes suit women with little spare time who need fast drying and ease of application.

Hybrids are perfect for those who get bored with one colour and like to change often.  These polishes have staying power around 4 -7 days; however they can last longer on healthy nails. Hybrids are gaining in popularity due to a beautiful, rich finish and super-quick drying.

#outfitoftheday 053

Luv You Lucy 023

Geisha Girl 022

Also popular among women that have had a bad experience with gels or may wish to limit their personal exposure to UV lights in the gel curing process.  The ease of application and removal means that at home mani’s are a pleasure too.

The only problem with these polishes at the moment seems to be the lack of availability in retail outlets and a limited colour range.

Soak-off gels

Require LED or UV curing during the application process.  The system comprises a dedicated base coat, colour and top coat which must all be applied and cured during application.  They also require special removal techniques due to the hardness of the product once cured.

Soak-off gels have gained a very strong following and suit individuals that lead a busy or active lifestyle.  The results are often flawless and will remain on the nail for periods exceeding 21 days if applied correctly.

The durability of the polish means they are great for nail biters.  Where either soft or peeling nail conditions are identified, gels will protect the nail for extended periods too.  Also popular with those that like to stick with their fav colour and want maximum wear.

The professional nature of the product means that at home manicures aren’t recommended in most cases.  This is especially true of the UV light and the poor results that are achieved with low cost devices.  If you must do gels at home, make sure you invest in a suitable LED light as it makes ALL the difference!

Hopefully you have made your decision on the best polish for you.  If you are still wondering, drop us a line and we’ll do all we can to help you decide.

Happy painting!

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  1. Jill plasto 6 years ago

    Do your hybrid colours need a base as others I use don’t

    • geoff 6 years ago

      Hi Jill, the short answer is no they don’t. We do however recommend a base coat when wearing any nail polish as this promotes good nail health. You can use Bend Don’t Break or Reward if your nails are already in good shape.

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