Nail Biting Nibble No More & Cactus Extract

Nail Biting Nibble No More & Cactus Extract
April 17, 2022 MBI Beauty Crew

Stop Nail Biting With Nibble No More & Cactus Extract

stop nail biting


essica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract provides a complete solution for nail biting and people who want to finally enjoy their Jessica manicure.

Using bitter cactus extract to give your nails an always undesirable yet natural taste, this top product is the best option you could hope for when it comes to finally cutting out a distressing habit.

Nibble No More is truly a fast and effective treatment that will see you showing off Jessica’s top range of striking custom nail colours in no time, and we’re going to explain how.

Why You Need Nibble No More To Stop Nail Biting?


side from being a somewhat distasteful habit, nail biting is an issue that you need to manage for the sake of your nail health and overall happiness. While utilising distraction techniques and having an understanding of your triggers can help overcome nail biting, the fact that many of us bite our nails subconsciously means we need a reliable solution for tackling the problem.

Jessica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract provides precisely that, and is well worth the investment considering the issues that nail biting can lead to, including:

    • Hygiene issues: Even the best-washed nails collect bacteria and dirt, which means that biting your nails can leave you at significant risk of ingesting germs that may lead to sickness, illness and more,
    • Risk of infection: When you bite your nails, you increase your risks of an infection called paronychia, which can cause painful red swellings around the nail bed and cuticles in even mild cases,
    • The risk of ingesting toxins: For lovers of gel polish, you might ingest nail products if you bite your nails which leaves you exposed to the risks of harmful toxins. Admittedly, you can also avoid this using the high-quality polishes such as Jessica GELeration, but it’s best to avoid this risk altogether, and
    • Tired-looking nails: Saliva that dries out your cuticles and the skin around your nails can leave your nails looking tired, as such the best manicure will struggle to keep your fingers looking their best.

From the moment you invest in Jessica Nibble No More, you can resolve these issues and more with immediate relief from nail biting which will then help you kick the habit in no time.

The Magic Behind Nibble No More with Cactus Extract


essica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract can very quickly work wonders for even the most stubborn nail biting habit, which is achieved using a carefully developed formula which you would expect from the full and fantastic range of Jessica products.

Bitter natural cactus extract is especially effective in providing an instant nail biting deterrent due to a bitter taste that lasts for several washes and can be applied again as needed. As a bonus, this same natural extract will also get to work stimulating healthy new nail growth that would never be possible should one carry on nail biting unchecked.

This natural nail biting solution can therefore provide a wide range of benefits for biters looking to make a change, including:

    • Immediate relief: Many techniques for tackling nail biting can take time to work and require discipline, however Jessica Nibble No More is the complete opposite. In fact, an instant bitter taste that lasts for hours or even days, can provide immediate relief and results in a way few other remedies can lay claim to,
    • Generally improved appearances: As well as preventing damaging the appearance of nails caused by nail biting, the cactus extract used in Nibble No More encourages healthy nail growth and when used in conjunction with Jessica’s custom colours, can really improve the appearance of tired nails, and
    • Lasting results: By allowing you to retrain your mind against nail biting, Nibble No More will also provide lasting results into the future, ensuring the best-looking nails you can imagine.

Simple Application For Results You Can See


nother undeniable benefit of Jessica Nibble No More is the simple way this product achieves results. For immediate relief from nail biting, this product need only be applied once a day over the entire nail and cuticle.

It’s as simple as that, and you will immediately start enjoying the well-known benefits of this amazing product, including:

    • Continues to work even after multiple hand washes,
    • Can be applied over polish or manicured nails, and
    • Provides Immediate relief and will start improving nails from Day 1.

Forget long-winded hypnosis sessions and deep-diving into your psyche when considering how to stop biting nails, Jessica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract is the simple nail biting solution that you’ve been looking for through all of these years of incessant nibbling!

A Must-Have Item For Your Manicure Kit


essica Vartoughian is famed for her focus on beautiful nails, which is achieved through top-quality products coupled with a focus on creating the most effective nail grooming regimen that anyone could ask for.

Jessica Nibble No More anti nail bite polish is a crucial product in any manicure kit, and this affordable addition provides a range of complimentary benefits to every other nail product you use, including:

    • Helps you achieve the healthiest nails possible,
    • Apply over existing polish,
    • Polish and manicures that last longer, and
    • Grow your confidence with your nails.

In short, you owe it to your complete your Jessica manicure kit to get on top of nail biting for better looking, always polished nails that last.

Jessica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract provides you with the best possible opportunity to do just that.

Change Your Life with Nibble No More

Nail biting can be a crippling and detrimental condition that impacts everything from your overall health to your general confidence. After all, nail biting is pretty unsightly, and that’s before you consider the damage it does to your nails and cuticles!

By providing fool proof, immediate relief for even the worst nail biting habits, Jessica Nibble No More with Cactus Extract is a must-have natural solution which will help you finally put this habit to rest. From the moment you open your first bottle, you can enjoy immediate relief and look forward to a manicure you can be proud of.

With only a small investment in your health and simple daily applications, there’s certainly no reason not to tackle nail biting with Nibble No More today!

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