Mothers Day Treat

Mothers Day Treat
April 25, 2018 MBI Beauty Crew

Give a helping hand this Mother’s Day

If you are looking for ideas, JESSICA has done some of the hard work and come up with a great Mothers Day treat that any salon owner can use as a promotion.

Before you know it Mother’s Day will be here.  We are sure many salon owners are thinking “what can I do this year to make the most of this special occasion”?

Most of us have developed a very strict routine for facial skincare but often overlook our hands.  Yet our hands are constantly subject to abuse.  Soaps, detergents and many other products are very harsh and come into regular contact with the delicate skin on our hands.  All of which causes damage and speeds up the ageing process.

What’s more, our hands are on constant display and reveal our age no matter how good our make-up looks.

What better reason to keep your hands in great shape – right!

So, what can we do to solve this little problem and make sure our clients are getting the best treatment we can give?

The answer lies in providing a 15 minute glorious hand treatment.

Add this special service to any facial treatment, what’s more it is perfect to do when the masque is on.  Or add to a massage treatment for an extra special experience.  You could also package this simple beauty add-on with eyelash tinting or brow sculpting.

With a little of your magic combined with this treatment, client’s will leave your salon feeling younger than ever before, with silky smooth and blemish free hands to go.

Simply market this service as an add-on to compliment your existing menu.  Use it to promote Mother’s Day in your salon whilst providing a point of difference and treat your clients to a special day!

Three quick steps to providing a 15 minute glorious hand treatment.

  1. Add a small amount of exfoliating lotion and scrub off dry, dead skin. This is a massage for the hands and feels very luxurious!  Remove lotion with warm towels.
  2. Follow with a revitalising collagen gel masque. Apply generously over the hands and cover with plastic liners, wrap with towels for 3-4 min.  As an added bonus you can slip on heated thermal mittens for extra absorption and luxury feel. Remove with masque with warm towels.
  3. Finish with a little collagen gel to restore vital moisture, improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage. This should be applied with sweeping upward strokes until absorbed.

Your client’s will be talking about your service until next year!

Finally, don’t forget to offer products to take home so your client’s can experience the same professional and luxurious results every day.

If you do want to know more or have a question, just drop us an email or message on social media.  We are looking forward to chatting further…

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