CromoAroma Colour & Aromatherapy Skincare Review

May 22, 2019 MBI Beauty Crew

One of the stand out skin care ranges on offer that really caught our eye and should catch yours.

Following on from our trip to Cosmoprof in Italy, we thought we would take a closer look at CromoAroma.

Chromo therapy and aromatherapy are definitely “trending” beauty practices at the moment.  CromoAroma embrace both and combine wellness with nature into this growing sphere of beauty treatments.

The Italian born and bred skin experts have used their passion for alternative and natural remedies to develop a unique range of skincare treatments.

CromoAroma have discovered the secret to combining chromo/colour therapy, aromatherapy and the latest generation key ingredients.  The result is de-stressed, toned skin with a surplus of energy and nourishment.

So how does it work and what’s the big deal?

The CromoAroma Facials use a holistic approach to skin care that focuses on one very important concept:

The skin NEVER lies and clearly reveals our health CONDITION and lifestyle.

Every concern that appears on our skin is actually an inner imbalance related to high peaks of physical and emotional stress and bad habits such as an imbalanced diet, smoke and lack of exercise.

CromoAroma treats these superficial skin concerns whilst addressing the inner imbalances related to high stress and related health factors that would otherwise have a negative effect on your skin.

All CromoAroma facials use a balanced combination of Colour & Bio Aroma Oils to enhance the well-being of the body.  Focusing on the physical, emotional and psychic state of the skin.

Depending on skin type and treatment issue, a colour mask is selected from 1 of 5 different colours (red, orange, green, blue and purple).  Supporting these are a range of facial treatments including the Timeless Treatment for Anti-aging, the Purifying Treatment for Acne and the 24K Gold Luxury Treatment to restore and brighten skin.  The holistic approach means that each treatment is enhanced by a supporting colour therapy to rebalance both body and mind.

The Bio Aroma oils used are 100% pure, naturally sourced and extracted from barks, resins, flowers and fruits.  All products are free from Parabens, preservatives, mineral oil, silicone, alcohol and are vegan certified.

For Marzia Clinic (makers of CromoAroma), their belief and vision is simply this:

“It’s essential to take care of one’s skin as that’s something one is going to wear for the rest of their lives”

“Your skin never lies and is a mirror of one’s emotional and physical well-being.  If you are stressed, it shows, bad habits like imbalanced food, smoking, drinking all shows visibly on the skin”

As we work through the CromoAroma line and other products from Marzia Clinic, we continue to be impressed.  There’s plenty more for us to talk about so let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to keep you updated as we go.

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