Nail Polish Trends We’re Loving Right Now

Nail Polish Trends We’re Loving Right Now
November 19, 2022 MBI Beauty Crew

Nail Polish Trends We Are Loving Right Now

Nail trends can be a great way to show off your personality and style! A fresh manicure will add an extra touch of confidence when you walk into that meeting or go out with friends. Keep up with the latest looks so you always know how to get nail polish trends and turn heads – there’s no better accessory than on-trend nails!

Here are just a few reasons you should give different nail styles a try:

  • You may find your new favourite look,
  • It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone,
  • You get to experiment with different colours and textures, and
  • Trying something new is a great way to express your individual style.
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Nail polish is full of vibrant possibilities! With thousands upon thousands of colours and shades, plus innovative formulas being released constantly, there’s a world to explore. Get creative with classic reds or stand out with eye-catching neons – the choice is yours. If you want something extra special, why not try your hand at glitter or matte finishes? Nail art has never been more fun!

For everyone from a beginner to an expert, the world of nail polish is always ready to be explored! Take advantage and discover new trends that might become your signature look. Find the perfect shades or styles for you with all kinds of options out there – so go ahead and jump into experimenting today; who knows what striking thoughts await?

A Burst of Neon

neonsBrighten up your look with some eye-catching neon nail polish! Whether you want to make a statement or just add an extra pop of colour, incorporating one or two coats of sizzling shades such as Phenom Electro Pink or Ships & Giggles will do the trick.

Perfect for summertime, these vibrant hues can be tamed down by opting for a soft nude base coat so that you get all the fun without feeling like it’s too much.

Early 2000’s Designs

Nail art has been around for centuries, from intricate designs in different cultures to familiar fun designs of the early 2000s. Now these popular styles are trending again and everyone can rock their own trendy look!

Whether you want funky mushrooms or cheerful flowers on your nails, Phenom Halo gives modern fashionistas a chance to join in this stylish revival by adding smiley faces and colorful details that make any look chic yet nostalgic. Get ready – it’s time to get creative with your manicure!

Get Nail Polish Soft Pastel Hues

adore meIf you’re a fan of subtle sophistication, soft pastel shades are an ideal nail polish choice. Perfect for both warmer and cooler months, these muted colours pair well with various styles to give nails a chic boost.

Phenom Adore Me is beautifully delicate whilst Heaven Sent brings out calming tones; or try Vintage Glam – the perfect pale lavender look that exudes natural beauty. Embrace the minimalistic style trend today!

grunge tones

Grunge Tones

Looking for a statement-making nail look that won’t take hours of upkeep? Then you should definitely try out grunge nails. Rather than bright, glossy colours like red and pink, this trend embraces darker hues such as black or deep green to create an edgy vibe.

For the perfect finish, apply some glittery texture or matte top coat – talk about fierce! Best part is – no matter what current trends come around next season, your manicure will always be cool enough to keep up with them all year round.

The grunge look is easy-to-master and cost effective. Superb sheen is achieved with Phenom Spellbound while Embellished provides a dazzling wine and sparkle. Don’t limit yourself to the conventional – strut in style this season by giving grunge nails a go.

Emo French Tips

emo frenchStep up your mani game with a modern take on the classic French tip! Partial French manicures are taking over as the new ‘it’ look, featuring half-moon tips only present on one or two fingers. The rest of your nails can be left natural to flaunt their full length or adorned in all-black for edgy vibes – perfect for those who want something fresh and different but still appreciate timeless classics. Keep the accent designs minimal so that they don’t overpower this chic statement nail trend!

Get ready to wow the world with a bold and dark French tip mani using Phenom Caviar Dreams. Out of this world shine? Try Blue Blooded for an eye-catching, deep blue shade! Whether you’re looking toward classic beauty or something more daring, remember that professional technicians are always your best bet for achieving perfect results.

Shades of Green

Green is the perfect way to make a statement and embrace your inner nature-loving, growth-seeking spirit! The colour of leaves and grass – usually seen as symbols of freshness – has become extremely popular for things like nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. With an array of light minty shades or deep forest greens hues available now from many brands there’s never been a better time to go green!

Refresh your look for the warmer months with a light and airy hue like pistachio. This creamy green nail polish looks great on both casual dates or dressier occasions, plus it goes well with many other colours such as white, black, pink or blue! For an easy yet chic update to your nail polish collection, grab some Phenom Pistachio now.

When is a Trend Recognised?

Fashion trends are an ever-evolving part of modern culture and the fashion industry. Trends become established for a variety of reasons, such as the influence of celebrities, cultural changes, and the influence of social media outlets like Instagram.

Celebrities often have a profound impact on the evolution of fashion trends, due to their immense public profile. The public loves to emulate celebrities because they provide an aspirational lifestyle, often wearing styles before they become available in stores. This creates a domino effect, with people wanting to imitate what they see.As a result, these items soon become popular within popular culture.

The rapid growth of social media has also had an enormous impact on how fashion trends emerge and spread throughout different countries and cultures. Social media platforms allow users to share images with millions of other followers, giving them access to new styles that they may not have known about previously.

A final large factor is consumer demand for newness within fashion collections each season. Mass market stores rely on frequent design drops enticing shoppers to return regularly and look for something new and exciting which reflects the current cultural movements or aesthetic expression from anywhere around the world.

Thus, it is important for companies to stay ahead of changing tastes ensuring individuals always feel connected with what is trending now, versus what was popular yesterday!

Get Nail Polish That Works for You

Achieving a perfect manicure isn’t just about the design; it’s also important to choose your nail polish wisely. High-quality polishes are longer-lasting and provide an even, professional finish when applied – plus they’re often free of damaging formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals!

Read labels carefully and look for natural ingredients that will be gentle on nails, rather than opting for low quality products without giving them much thought. Ultimately this comes down to making sure you don’t settle for second place – there is no shortage of great options out there so take your time in deciding what suits you best!

Jessica Cosmetics produce a fantastic option which is high-quality, affordable, cruelty-free and can be enjoyed by everyone. Established more than four decades ago and still family owned today, Jessica Vartoughian started the company with a passion to create products free of harsh chemicals and natural – something which continues to this day! With a broad range of offerings available for both men and women, locally MBI Jessica Cosmetics has got your beauty needs covered!

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