Open Eye Butter | Illuminate & Enlarge

Open Eye Butter | Illuminate & Enlarge

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One of the most versatile products in your entire makeup collection, can even be used for lips or blemishes.

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Open Eye Butter Eyeliner Pencil will become one of the most versatile products in your entire makeup collection and can even be used for lips or blemishes.

Open Eyeliner Pencil creates a soft and delicate line, perfect for enlarging and illuminating your gaze. The Neutral nude shade is suitable for every type of complexion and every eye cut. The Open Eyeliner Pencil has a soft nib for an easy and comfortable application which makes this product a must for any makeup kit and for every makeup artist.

The nude shade of this eyeliner is very subtle and barely noticeable but it will give your look a slightly more modish feel when compared to the stark white eyeliners that are commonly used. Nude eyeliners are perfect for giving your a gorgeous doll like gaze. Don’t forget to finish off with a mascara to darken and lengthen your lashes and bold lipstick.

Formulated with carnauba wax in combination with ultra-soft polymers that give the lead a soft and velvety texture. Perfectly resists sweating and tears.

Is This Eyeliner Pencil for me?

Open Eye Butter is especially formulated to glide on easily and evenly. This Nude eyeliner pencil is magic to use and really does make your eyes pop. No doubt the best product available for perking up tired eyes. Enlarge or illuminate but also great for concealing blemishes. We even use this one to make lips more full, shape brows and even highlight areas of the face?

Pro Tip for Open Eye Butter Eyeliner Pencil

The open eye liner pencil is super easy to blend so you will have no trouble getting the application right every time. With a waterproof formula giving up to 12 hours wear and the confidence of a dermatologically tested product. Rock your nude look, wide eye effect all day long thanks to a no-smudge formula.

When applying to your waterline, use a slow and light touch as this is one technique that does take a little practice, especially as you are working in such a delicate area.

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  1. It is the perfect shade to brighten and open up any eye.

    • Thank you so much for the great review, Amanda! Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we’re incredibly proud to have you as a customer. Thank you for being part of the Nee family!

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