Spot On Ball Eyeliner

Spot On Ball Eyeliner

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A revolution in the eyeliner world and certainly one that is worth having in your makeup kit!

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If you are still trying to master the perfect winged eyeliner, then the Spot On Ball Eyeliner might tempt you to switch from the flicked corner to a simple dotted look.

This product is a dotted eyeliner with a small ball tip in the end for a fun, yet simple and accurate application. A revolution in the eyeliner world and certainly one that is worth having in your makeup kit!  It is very easy to use and absolutely ideal for the less experienced MUA’s.

The formula has a high content of natural and renewable cellulose-based pearls. These plant pearls create a matte effect and help in the absorption of sebum. The spot-on eyeliner has a high content of extra-black pigments to define the eye with a soft and flexible application.


Is Spot On Ball Eyeliner for me?

With the Spot On Ball Eyeliner, you can quickly create tiny circles of dots along the lower rims of your eyes which helps to make eyes look bigger and brighter. With a few tiny dots you can definitely make a bold statement.

When it comes to dotting, less is more! Try one or a few dots under the pupils of each eye if you want to take it slow before you jump in and create your signature look. A single dot beneath your lower lash line may be all you ever need.

Pro Tip for Spot On Ball Eyeliner

When you are ready to step out above that single dot, start creating and dot your way to the outer and/or inner corners of your eyes, or even above your brows!

If you think it’s time to go big and bold, try adding coloured eyeliner rather than eyeshadow, and dot it on to create a true work of living art.

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