Toothpick Brow Pen

Toothpick Brow Pen

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The perfect precision felt eyebrow pen and will be the answer to all your ultra-fine brow definition needs. 3 shades to choose from.

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The Toothpick Brow is the perfect precision felt eyebrow pen from Nee Makeup and will be the answer to all your ultra-fine brow definition needs. No more painful incisions or appointments needed with a specialist brow tattoo artist.  What’s more, this product is ideal for men too.

The Toothpick Brow has a fine tip (1,6 mm) which allows you to fill empty gaps in your brows by naturally simulating your own hair and perfectly outlining the contour of your eyebrow arches. Toothpick Brow is the perfect tool for drawing and smoothing eyebrows while also allowing you to work on small, thin areas of your brows. This newly released makeup tool guarantees a well-groomed, intense colour that fills in eyebrows and expertly defines eyebrow arches in the most natural way.

The toothpick eyebrow pen has been developed using cruelty free testing methods.

This pen is now available in 3 shades – Blonde | Brunette | Dark Brunette

Is Toothpick Eyebrow Pen for me?

The toothpick eyebrow pen is a precise tool that works perfectly as you draw in hair like strokes that blend seamlessly with your own brow hairs whilst filling in eyebrows and arches in the most natural way. This product has a long wearing, non-smudging formula and is waterproof. Provides a matte effect for a more intense look and has long staying power up to 10 hours.

Pro Application Tip for Toothpick Eyebrow Pen

Before you start microblading your brows, it’s very important to find your ideal shade to achieve a more realistic finish. We suggest using one shade lighter than your brow colour to give more dimension and fullness without making your brow too dark or unnatural.

The Toothpick Brow is enriched with: Vitamins C and E with natural antioxidants and moisturisers.

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