Be Competitive in a Crowded Nail Market

Be Competitive in a Crowded Nail Market
February 2, 2021 MBI Beauty Crew

5 easy steps to being a competitive salon in 2019

At Masters Beauty International we work with a lot of salons that are doing their best to promote their nail business and leverage off the popularity of manicures and associated treatments.

There are 5 key things we see salons and spas do well which enables them to be successful in their nail business – despite the competition.

1. Be different!

It sounds obvious that a salon needs to offer something unique or different in their location.  For example, we are now seeing the emergence of specialty nail bars that offer high end services in luxurious surrounds.  In fact there is currently at least one nail bar in Australia offering wine and cocktails with their nail services.  This is perhaps an extreme example of creating a point of difference but any salon can develop a unique offering that will generate interest and custom.

Unfortunately too many salons follow the leader and don’t invent themselves as a place that will attract people based on the different experience they offer consumers.

2. Target your market

Once you understand your unique offering and can clearly communicate what makes you special, it is imperative to market effectively to the right people using the best channels. Not everyone in your area is going to come to your salon which means you need to identify what makes your customers different and who are your best prospects.

Social media and Google AdWords are great ways to identify and target specific groups but can be complex and time consuming.  More traditional methods such as radio and print advertising can still generate good returns, especially in a more local community type setting.

The important thing is to do your homework and invest some resources in an effective marketing solution.  If your chosen channel isn’t working, make a change and check the results so you know if you have made the right choices.

3. Elevate your nail services

The best salons promote nail services as an equally important part of their client’s beauty regime.  A great manicure is a fantastic way to promote your business – remember word of mouth is incredibly powerful and still holds true.

Mani’s provide visual evidence of your skills and abilities more than any other beauty service.  Take lots of pics and post your best work on your social media for added benefit!

4. Train your staff

You can’t be really good at something unless you and your staff have the right training.  Salons with well-trained people always perform better in the long term.

Many brands help by offering really good training designed to maximise the benefits of their products.  Take advantage of the training your suppliers offer, in many cases it also comes free of charge!  Staff also value training and are less likely to leave a business where good training is provided.

5. Retail your products

There is a direct benefit in retailing the products you use in your salon and the treatments you offer.  Those that learn how to retail (and educate) develop better client loyalty.  Rose, our master educator always say:


In other words, if you wear it yourself, know what the benefits are and use it in your treatments, you will be able to sell it to your clients with ease.

As a bonus, the profit margins on retail are usually higher and will reward the investment.

Take these 5 key areas and implement them in your salon.  You will see the benefits and become a leader in your industry!


Written by Geoff Yeatman – General Manager and partner at Masters Beauty International.

Geoff was a late comer to the beauty industry, initially getting involved through his partner’s beauty salon after many years working in engineering and management fields for large organisations.  A new and bigger opportunity arrived in the form of the Jessica Cosmetics distribution for Australia in late 2010.

Since then Geoff has been helping to grow the local Jessica distribution and has developed a real appreciation for the nail industry.  Having the chance to transfer knowledge and skills from completely unrelated industries has been a highlight of Geoff’s career.


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