Nibble No More | Stop Biting!

Nibble No More | Stop Biting!

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Stops Nail Biting!

Bitter Cactus Extract to give nails an undesirable bitter taste.

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Is This for Me?

I am constantly biting my nails and can never let them grow to any length. I also find my cuticles are dry, torn and sometime feel inflamed. If you answered yes to this then you need this treatment to kick the habit.


Fast and effective treatment formulated with Bitter Cactus Extract to give nails an undesirable bitter taste lasting through many hand washes.

The bitter taste inhibits painful and annoying nail biting while stimulating healthy new growth.

How to Use

Apply once a day over the entire nail and cuticle (it is not a base-coat)

Can be applied over polished nails

Key Ingredients

Bitter cactus extract

Experts Tips

Saliva breaks down the skin and dries out your cuticles it is also unhealthy and unsanitary. So if you have a habit of biting your nails or nibbling on your cuticles, work on kicking those habits for prettier, healthier looking hands and nails.


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