Crystal Nail File

Crystal Nail File

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Single Item – The Crystal Nail File is great for shaping and filing rough edges while leaving your nails with a smooth, even finish.

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Now you can sculpt your nails to perfection with JESSICA’s Crystal Nail File.

This file has been developed with natural nail care as the priority. The Crystal Nail File is great for shaping and filing rough edges while leaving your nails with a smooth, even finish.  This then helps prevent nails from splitting and peeling.

Is the Crystal Nail File me?

Crystal files are a must have in any beauty tool box and are just as great in salon or at home. Use them for manicures or pedicures to give your natural nails all the glam you can. Crystal files are hygienic, easy to use and VERY cost effective given that they are totally re-usable.

And we all know that healthy nails create the best foundation for the perfect manicure and flawless polish! The healthier and stronger nails are, the younger your hands look and the more you will appreciate your manicures.

Crystal files are easy to maintain but as with all things beauty, the correct maintenance regime is crucial to longevity of your file and perfect hygiene. We recommend regularly cleaning your file with a mild anti-bacterial solution such as Jessica Purely Clean.

Designed with an everlasting crystal surface, that ensures easy washing, repeated use and a long life.

Expert Tip for using the Crystal Nail File

A few strokes of your crystal nail file will quickly shape the nail and easily remove unwanted length. These files also seal the nail tip which keeps water, dirt and bacteria from seeping into you nail tip. You will find that after a few weeks of using this type of file that your nails grow stronger and are more resistant to chipping, peeling and cracking. One massive advantage with crystal files is that you can safely file in EITHER direction. Many people don’t realise that normally, you should only ever file in ONE direction. However, with crystal files is does not matter!



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