Emery Board

Emery Board

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Short, Peeling Nails

1 Each – a 240 grit gentle file for short, peeling nails.


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The JESSICA Cosmetics Emery Board is a specialised, professional quality nail file designed to be used on short or peeling nails. It is very important to use the right nail file for your nail condition, to ensure that you minimise damage while filing and achieve the results that you are aiming for.

The 240 grit surface is gentle enough to protect against damage while having enough roughness to shape your nails into the shape you desire with a minimum of fuss.

Is Jessica’s Emery Board for me?

As you may already know, your nails are made up of many delicate layers that are fused together and provide the strength and flexibility that protects the ends of your fingers. Incorrect nail filing technique or the use of the wrong file can separate these layers and cause damage that results in flaking and even more peeling, which of course, we do not want!

Jessica’s professional Emery Boards have been crafted by the experts to ensure you can overcome short or peeling nail problems and grow healthy, strong nails again.

How to get the best from your emery board:

  • Always file in one direction and be gentle.
  • Never use a sawing or back & forth motion, this will rip those delicate layers apart and damage your nail.
  • Shape the free edge of your nail to reflect the shape of your cuticle for a symmetrical look.
  • Toe nails are best filed straight across to help avoid an ingrown nail.

Pro Tip for Using Our Emery Board

Always file from the edge to the centre of your nail and avoid using a “sawing” action. This creates undue heat, dries the nail at the tip and can separate the nail layers. For even less trauma to the nail, soak in luke warm water for 2 minutes before filing.

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Check out Jessica Cosmetics on their web page.


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