Revive Foot Scrub

Revive Foot Scrub

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128g – REVIVE is a dual exfoliating microdermabrasion foot scrub that removes dry dead skin cells to reveal smooth rejuvenated vibrant glow.

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Revive is a microdermabrasion foot scrub containing finely ground volcanic pumice powder sourced from the Mediterranean Sea. Revive Foot Scrub effectively removes dry, dead skin cells which restores a healthy, vibrant glow to your skin’s surface. The product is a natural mineral blend that rejuvenates, conditions and maintains moisture levels.

Pure, peaceful and serene! This is the Jessica Zenspa experience.

Is Revive Foot Scrub for me?

Revive is specifically developed to remove dead skin cells while performing a pedicure treatment. The product can be used in the salon or at home.

Key Ingredients – Their are many important and unique ingredients in Revive which include; Finely ground volcanic pumice, a fruit acid complex of natural alpha hydroxy acids, a blend of Asian aquatic plants, Blue Lotus Flower which is antioxidant protective to purify and cleanse, Water Lily Root to soothe and calm sensitive skin, silica-rich Bamboo Shoot to restore skin’s plumpness and radiant, youthful appearance.

Benefits – The dual-microdermabrasion effect exfoliates and removes dry, dead skin cells to reveal a smooth, rejuvenated, wrinkle-free skin surface. Your feet will look younger after using this product as the Asian aquatic plant extracts cleanse, hydrate, soothe and smooth.

The product also has a refreshing Lemongrass scent.

No parabens; No dyes, No TEA, MEA or DEA; No petro chemicals.

How To Use Revive Foot Scrub

Massage on wet skin after soaking, then rinse well and pat dry. If you are using on especially dry feet, you can use Revive to provide a ‘peeling’ effect. Massage well for a few minutes until you see the dead skin sloughing off. Rinse off well and pat dry. Always complete the treatment by massaging some Intense Heel Repair. Revive can also be used as an all over body scrub by adding some water.

Revive is also perfect to remove fake tan!


  1. I have used this foot scrub a few times since I bought it. It leaves my feet smooth & soft. Perfect in summer when your feet are more exposed & heels are dry. Love this product, a small amount goes a long way so although its a small jar it would still last several applications.

    • Thanks Natalie, we love it too and totally agree with you!

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