Principessa Colour Collection

Principessa Colour Collection

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SAVE $31.80 by purchasing the Jessica Principessa Collection, a stunning new polish assortment featuring three exquisite colours that will leave your fingertips spinning!
3 x 14ml Phenom Colours
1 x 14ml Phenom Base Coat
1 x 14ml Phenom Finale Shine Top Coat

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You don’t have to take center stage in an actual ballerina performance to make a statement with the Jessica Principessa Collection. This stunning assortment features three exquisite colours that will leave your fingertips spinning!
Start your show stopping look with Arabesque. This color evokes the swirl of a tutu skirt, creating a subtle yet eye-catching pallet for any ensemble. For a more classic ballet shoe shade, try Pirouette with its soft pink hue and promise of stylish grace. Last but not least, you can also dance across the finish line with Plum Dance’s unique combination of muted purple tones. Cancelling out a smokey eye means nothing when nails sparkle this bright!
All three colours are part of Jessica’s Phenom collection, providing lasting adhesion and lightening quick dry time without compromising on shine and chip resistance. With Jessica Principessa Collection, you can be both stylish and smart – nail it every time as you step into these timeless shades!

Includes 5 x 14ml bottles in a box set, all in créme and metallic finishes:

Pirouette – a bubble gum pink nail polish with a crème finish.
Plum Dance
– a vibrant plum purple nail polish with a crème finish.
Arabesque – a vibrant deep pink nail polish with a crème finish.
Phenom Base Coat for maximum adhesion and wear from your polish.
Phenom Finale Shine to set the colour and create an eye-watering shine.

Is Phenom Principessa Collection for me? – If you like to change your nail colours often and don’t have a lot of time spare to wait while your colour dries, then Jessica Principessa Collection is an excellent option. Phenom polish literally dries in a couple of minutes.

Why is Phenom such a deal? – Phenom is a new and modern type of nail polish system that dries fast in natural light without the need to use a UV or LED light. Using the latest nail technology, the 2-part system is easy to apply and creates a gel-like shine that is very durable and resists chipping in normal use.

Now you too can create an effortless super glossy manicure at home which removes in seconds just like normal nail polish.

7-FREE, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly

How do I apply Phenom? – watch the quick video below to learn how to apply the polish like a pro.

Step 1 – Apply Phenom Base Coat on to a clean nail.
Step 2 – Apply 2 coats of your favorite Phenom polish.
Step 3 – Apply Finale Shine top coat.

Still want to know a bit more about Jessica Principessa Collection?

Apply Phenom colour using long even strokes with enough polish on your brush. Apply (2) coats evenly, one over the other before using FINALE Shine.

The application should glide over your nails. If you feel the brush dragging and creating streaks check:
(1) You have enough polish on the brush,
(2) You are using light, even strokes,
(3) You are applying the polish quickly before it dries.

Keep hands out of water for at least 4 hrs. This allows the polish to dry completely and will also help to extend the length of the manicure.

Phenom Polish can last from 7-10 days (depending on the condition and health of your nails).


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