Pre-Show Makeup Fixer

Pre-Show Makeup Fixer

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50ml – a weightless cloud of micro particles, moisturises the skin, gently fixes make-up & gives you a long-lasting effect.

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Pre-Show Makeup Fixer is a setting spray that is a weightless cloud of micro particles that moisturise the skin, while gently fixing the make-up and giving you a long-lasting matte effect. This is an invisible product to spray on the face immediately after applying backstage Primer. Why? To create a perfect base, as the final touch to fix and prolong your make-up, or throughout the day for a freshness surplus. Also mattifies and balances combination and oily skin types.

The formulation is enriched with 3 key ingredients. Cornflower water for normalising skin pH, Rose Essential Oil for increased moisturising and a Sebum normalising ingredient that nourish the skin, mattifies the look and improves the complexion. Allow yourself to have extra hydration and a glamorous touch of beauty.

Nee Makeup has created a new collection of products that focus on healing and preparation of the skin that can be used alone to treat and enhance your natural beauty or with your favourite Nee Makeup for the most amazing looks possible.

Is Pre-Show Makeup Setting Spray for me?

Check through the list below to see if this product will work for you. If you still aren’t sure, send us a quick message and we’ll give you a free online consultation to help you along!

  • This fixer has an ultra light texture,
  • The finish gives you a matte look,
  • Soothing & moisturising to your skin,
  • Fix your makeup for full day wear,
  • Re-balance combination and oily skin types,
  • Refreshing with a slight scent, and
  • Ensures you get a long lasting effect.

Pro Application of Pre-Show Makeup Setting Spray

Shake well before use. Spray the Pre-Show Makeup Setting Spray onto your face, immediately after applying Backstage Primer. this product can also be applied after finishing your full makeup or throughout the day whenever needed. Provides an immediate effect of freshness and will nourish your skin too.

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