Iconic Lashes Mascara

Iconic Lashes Mascara

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13ml – With black microfiber for long and voluminous eyelashes. Envelops and protects the eyelashes, leaving them soft and flexible.

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EFFECT: Iconic Lashes extra volume mascara.

FINISH: Creamy and enveloping.

DESCRIPTION: Extensive, deep mascara with black microfiber for long and voluminous eyelashes.

STRENGTHS: Its a flowing formula that envelops and protects the eyelashes, whilst leaving them soft and flexible.

KEY FACTS: With only one application Iconic Lashes Mascara captures every single eyelash with an even distribution. Excellent for the shortest or hardest to reach eyelashes, they will appear immediately longer and thicker.

HOW TO APPLY: Start from the base of the lashes at an angle of 45° apply length ways, first on the upper eyelashes and then on the lower lashes. Proceed with a second application for an extreme eyelash effect.


  1. I tend to get very watery eyes at drop of a hat alot especially this time year with my hayfever and most mascara I’ve used in the past end up taking off or reapplying throughout the day but when had tried this mascara it didn’t even feel like had mascara on felt very natural & didnt smudge or run lasted all day very surprised & satisfied

    • We agree Jessica, this is a great mascara!

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