Contouring Palette

Contouring Palette

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2 x 5 g / 3 x 3 ml / 1 x 2 g – available in light or dark tone. Define your features & shape like a pro.

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The magnetic Contouring Palette has been designed to create a perfect contouring look using Nee Makeup. Containing six different powders which are specific to each step you need to define your features and shape like a pro, taking your daily make up routine to the next level.

  1. Sculpting Powder to sculpt facial features,
  2. Melon Yellow to minimise imperfections and correct skin tone as needed,
  3. The shades Mocaccino or Dark Brown, and Cream allow you to create the most delicate and natural contours,
  4. Highlighter to accentuate lines where desired, and
  5. Fresh Blush provides the glow and shine typical of all blush.

Is Contouring Palette for me?

Check through the list below to see if this product will work for you. If you still aren’t sure, send us a quick message and we’ll give you a free online consultation to help you along!

SKIN TYPE All skin types.
COVERAGE Medium to high.
STRENGTHS Contouring Palette has a range of innovative formulations and different textures which all combine for the perfect contouring make up kit. Contouring the face provides a more defined look and enhances your natural features as you quickly sculpture your desired look. All the necessary tools you need are included in this fantastic palette.

Pro Application of the Contouring Palette

This product is ideal if you don’t have the time or patience to blend and layer creams. Powders are perfect for every-day wear as they are very light and will soak up the naturally produced oils throughout your day. We recommend using the Nee Magic Brush made for perfect contouring application.

1. Always start with foundation first.
2. Chiselled cheekbones can be easily achieved by sucking in your cheeks and buffing the darkest powder into the hollows.
3. Dusting the darker powder up into your hairline will make your forehead appear smaller, blend for a seamless finish. At the same time bring the powder down towards your temples to slim your face.
4. You can define your jawline by brushing the darker powder along the length of your jaw and around your chin, this will also slim down your neck. Make sure you blend downwards using swift motions.
5. Using the highlighter, dust a little along the tops of your cheekbones to bring them forward.
6. Finish with blush as you would normally do.

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