Clear Shine Lip Gloss New Formula

Clear Shine Lip Gloss New Formula

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4ml – a new formula with all the brightness & brilliance of a gloss, combined with nourishing Argan Oil & Shea Butter.

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Clear Shine Lip Gloss is a new formula with all the brightness and brilliance you would expect, combined with the nourishing power of Argan Oil and Shea Butter.  This gloss provides you with a semi-transparent shimmering effect when applied. It is also extraordinarily smooth and has a plumping effect. Now you can have the colour and brightness of a lip gloss with the comfort and protection of a balm.

This product is a great way to immediately attract one’s eye to a persons lips. When lips are shiny and coloured, they appear fuller and even more eye-catching.

Is Clear Shine Lip Gloss for me?

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COVERAGE: Light and sheer.
: Brilliant.
STRENGTHS: Clear Shine Lip Gloss contains moisturising oils and Vitamin E tend to soften and smooth the skin while providing a protective action for the lips. Also improves elasticity.
The new applicator is very soft and ergonomic, and adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the lips while releasing the
perfect amount of product.

Pro Application of Clear Shine Lip Gloss

Lip gloss has come a long way since the earlier crystal clear products that you may remember. Glassy lips are undeniably sexy and remain trendy no matter the occasion.

Prior to starting, define the lip contour with a pencil of a similar shade. Then start by applying the product directly on the upper lip with the special flocked brush applicator stick, from the centre of the mouth towards the sides. For the lower lip, work from the corners to the centre. This will add the perfect amount of sheen while keeping the gloss from getting goopy.

If applied over a lipstick, use with the Nee Lip Brush n. 3. Gloss will always elevate your lipstick regardless of the shade used.

Find out more about Nee Makeup Milano on their web page.

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