Himalayan Salt Skincare by HALOSKIN

ITALIAN inspiration, essential oils and HIMALAYAN Fossil Salt

HALOSKIN is a rich new skin care line which takes advantage of the unique properties of Himalayan Fossil Salt. A powerful natural element that gives your skin freshness and brightness whilst providing fundamental improvement to health. By its very nature, Himalayan Fossil Salt is able to penetrate deeply into the skin and facilitate the absorption of moisture, vital minerals and trace elements.


Contains 84 mineral trace elements, many of which are known to actively promote skin health and well being.


Salt is anti-microbial and purifying, it absorbs dirt, grime and toxins. Deeply cleansing and hydrating.


Natural salt deposits 250 million years old, protected from pollution in the Himalayan foothills.








Women of all ages (and men too) often suffer from the effects of an oily or combination skin type. These effects include dull skin, acne and spots which are caused by the excess oils secreted naturally by the skin. To make matters worse, many types of skin care products rely on a vast range of expensive items which often yield little or no result. HALOSKIN has developed a simple but highly effective range of affordable skincare which will leave your skin with a vibrant and natural looking glow. The therapeutic approach combines Himalayan Fossil Salt with natural ingredients and avoids a long list of unnecessary chemicals. In just a few days you will notice your skin problems healing and the clock winding back toward a more youthful and blemish free complexion.

Did you know?

Softens the skin and draws out impurities

Therapeutic for skin, body and mind

Contains essential oils

Easy to manage product lineup

First to use Himalayan Salt in skin care

Professional and home care


100% made in Italy
84 mineral trace elements
Positive health benefits
Fights acne
Reduces skin infections
Not tested on animals

The MINERAL content of Himalayan salt helps RESTORE the protective barrier in SKIN and maintain hydration.


Available in professional sizes for salon use. The compact product range is easy to manage yet provides the results you demand. Your clients will appreciate your decision to launch with a quality European brand that has one of the world’s most innovative products with a unique ingredient.


Check out the catalogue for more in depth information on the product line and how to use each.


OUR No.1 HOT SELLER. A precious cream with a soft touch which is extremely effective in restoring ageing skin. A rich formulation of Shea Butter assures a stimulating, restoring, relaxing effect on the skin. The inclusion of Himalayan Fossil Salt completes the high quality formula.

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