Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply PHENOM polish?

STEP 1 – Apply 2 coats of any JESSICA Base Coat (this will ensure maximum adhesion and wear)

STEP 2 – Apply 2 coats of your favourite PHENOM colour.

STEP 3 – Apply 1 cost of FINALE SHINE for a gel like shine (this sets and cures the colour).

How long do I wait for PHENOM to dry properly?

PHENOM polish is dry enough to touch after a couple of minutes and is completely dry in only 7 minutes!

How long will my PHENOM manicure last?

Depending on the condition of your nails, your PHENOM manicure should last between 6 – 12 days.

Can I go swimming after PHENOM manicure?

No, we strongly recommend you keep your hands out of the water for at least 4 hrs as the PHENOM will continue hardening in natural light.

How can I keep my PHENOM manicure lasting longer?

Apply JESSICA FINALE SHINE top coat every second day over your PHENOM polish.  This will lengthen your manicure and keep it looking flawless.

Will the PHENOM stay shiny after a few days?

Absolutely – PHENOM will keep on looking fresh and flawless with a brilliant shine throughout.

Should I use quick drying drops or sprays over PHENOM?

NO!!!  You must only use JESSICA FINALE SHINE.

I applied PHENOM but it hasn't worn as well as I thought it would?

Applying a JESSICA Base Coat is the key to long lasting wear from your PHENOM manicure.  The base coat will anchor the polish and you should also seal the end of your nails – the free edge.  Washing your hands before application also helps as it removes any oils that can affect adhesion.  JESSICA Hand & Body Bath is soap free and perfect for the job.

My nails are damaged can I still use PHENOM?

YES you can – use one of JESSICA’s treatment base coats to solve your nail problems whilst making sure that your PHENOM manicure lasts and lasts.

Should I choose PHENOM instead of GEL?

Gels are mainly used by professionals and are more complex but they do last longer.  On the other hand, PHENOM dries quickly without a UV light, removes effortlessly with polish remover and can be purchased to use at home.  Perfect for durable wear and quick changes of colour!


How should I store PHENOM at home?

Keep your PHENOM polish in cool dark place or even the fridge.  DO NOT hold the bottle when applying as the warmth of your hand will alter the consistency and NEVER add acetone or any thinners.

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