GELeration Soak Off Gel Polish

Please note that GELeration Soak Off Gel Polish is a professional only product and is not available to consumers for purchase. 

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Gel Cover

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With the latest advances in technology and the JESSICA expertise in natural nail care, GELeration is a new “GEL in a bottle” that does not compromise our philosophy.

GELeration is not only gentle on the nail, it protects them as they grow.

Most importantly both you and your clients will love the 3 weeks plus of everlasting colour in the signature JESSICA look and custom colour range.

There is no chipping, fading or smudging and nails stay flawless.

And now with over 150 colours to choose from!


For years, professionals have trusted JESSICA to provide the highest quality natural nail care products.

GELeration embraces JESSICA’s philosophy of care and protection for the natural nail.  Introduced as a revolutionary system, GELeration offers clients the most sophisticated gel manicure on the market today!

For women who are constantly on the go, the convenience and ease of GELeration helps nails grow and allows for an easy transition between gel and natural nails without damage.